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Be of discerning intellect to work in the Vineyard of our Father where True Vine Christ Jesus is-1.BE A DISCERNING LABOURER IN THE VINEYARD OF OUR FATHER.The Bible was corrupted by the Jews to suit th...
Be of discerning intellect to work in the Vineyard of our Father
where True Vine Christ Jesus is-1.BE A DISCERNING LABOURER IN THE
VINEYARD OF OUR FATHER.The Bible was corrupted by the Jews to suit
their whims in order to put the yokes back on the people as written
in the Bible Matt.12.v43-45; the psychic arid evil spirited sacked
Temple Priests could not find a green pasture and so they decided to
enter into the Church of God by jumping over the walls. Our anointed
Elder Brother Christ Jesus forbade the Jewish Leaven, the rotten
written Torah, the Old Cloth full of holes but these Messianic Jews
loved it so much that they used as a bait to lure their old
customers into the Church. But when the Apostles visited such
Churches where the Congregations were drunk with the old wine of the
Letters, they found them not interested in the Gospel Treasures as
Christ Jesus found the Jerusalem Jews reading the Scriptures
predicting the arrival of Christ among the people of Judah tribe but
they could not identify him standing in front of them. Whereas as
soon as Christ Jesus went to a Samaritan village, there even a woman
was so spiritually alert and hungry that she vetted Christ Jesus in
spirit and proclaimed Jesus to be a Prophet and when Messiah comes,
He will explain us every thing. Here, just compare the egoistic Jews
with the humble Samaritans that the Jews called stupid people,
Goyeishi Kopa. The Jews still despise the Gentile and they do not
enter the Samaritan villages in case they have a touch of their
spirituality. Christ Paul being not a Jew outwardly but a Roman took
the Samaritans to great spiritual heights as Christ Jesus did to the
Samaritan woman. This Samaritan Woman and her people became great
Apostles that the Messianic Jews killed by throwing them alive
before the animals fulfilling the Saying, Light came among His own
people but they loved Darkness to Light. Here are some obvious
corruptions-1. Labourers and not Disciples - Christ Jesus is the
True Vine that has been Planted by our Father in His Vineyard.
Christ Jesus came out of this Vineyard into the world to hire
Labourers so that they could be trained in His own image and become
Compatible to be Grafted into this True Vine. Jesus Himself was
Solitary and so He trained His Labourers to be Solitary. He fed the
Labourers with heavenly Bread, the Gospel, by explaining to them the
Parables that came out of the mouth of Jesus and this is called
eating the Flesh of Jesus. When they themselves were Preaching
Gospel that is called Drinking the Blood of Christ. Blood strengthen
the hearts and so their capacity to Preach Gospel with authority.
Book knowledge or the Letters are not taught with authority as the
Letters were written by others and you just pass them on through
teaching. Letters could be flawed but not the Gospel that you
receive through revelations. Thus, Gospel is received through
seeking whilst the letters are learnt through memorizing. Gospel is
received on individual basis by the grace of our Father whilst the
letters are learnt in batches at Schools. At the Last Supper when He
gave the finishing touches to His Ministry through Eucharist of
Sacrifice or entering into the Bridal Chamber, if a stranger comes
to find who is the Real Christ Jesus was among the Labourers, he
would not have found Him even though He was Preaching openly in the
Temple because Christ is known by what comes out of his mouth and
not by his dress. That is why an insider Judas Iscariot was hired to
catch the Real Christ Jesus. In short, the Labourers became
compatible with Christ Jesus to be Grafted to the True Vine Christ
Jesus as Friends. Remember Lazarus was also a Friend of Christ Jesus
and they Rest where Jesus Himself Rested. Resurrection of Lazarus
was a demonstration to the general public where the Rest or
Salvation is situated. But when Christ Jesus Himself appeared in His
Resurrected state, He had an Astral Body that only those could see
who believed in Jesus or Gospel. So, John, the Baptist, an Ideal
Rabbi or Prophet Elijah, Rabbis, Pharisees and Sadducees, the
Schoolmasters had Disciples and they did what their Masters told
them to do. They had no Freedom but disciplined hard with the
punishment of sins. Whereas Christ Jesus has set us Free of the
Schoolmasters, the Priests and made us the Masters of our own
destinies, the Royal Priests, capable of giving our own account to
God. This He declared by rendering the Curtain of the Holiest of
Holy from top to bottom leaving no secret of the Royal Kingdom of
God covered anymore. Thus, the Royal Priests of God are greater than
the Priests of Moses.









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