"What If My Husband Thinks We Need to Move?"

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423   4 years ago
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423   4 years ago
Just because a husband receives notice that his job is being transferred (or he talks about that he thinks a move might be a good idea) doesn't necessarily mean it is always God's will. But, it could be! So, I'd love for us to be open to the possibilities and not try to force God into a box or reject something just because it is a surprise or not part of our own plans.May we each seek the Lord for ourselves and allow Him to lead us into His perfect will.Please check out my new comment policy here:https://peacefulwife.com/my-commentin...If you need specific advice about a difficult situation, please check out the resources in your local body of Christ or the free counseling resource at www.focusonthefamily.com.For more information about the topic of godly marriage, biblical womanhood, respect, and biblical submission (what it does and does not mean scripturally), check out my book, "The Peaceful Wife - Living in Submission to Christ As Lord." There I am able to take the time necessary to explain these concepts fully.Or, please search my blog www.peacefulwife.com for things like:- Submit to God (Submission has to start with our yielding to Christ as Lord. That is our first calling as believers in Christ - for men and women.)- Biblical Submission- Spiritual Authority - A Husband's and a Wife's Authority in Marriage- What Is Respect in Marriage?- Biblical Submission Does Not = the Husband Is Always Right- Biblical Submission Is Not Passivity- A Husband Is Never the Absolute Authority- What Speaks Disrespect to Husbands?- 17 Tips to Ask for What You Desire Respectfully- A Real Life Example of Respect and Biblical Submission- What Biblical Headship and Submission Look Like at Our House- Do I Condone BDSM or CDD (The answer is, no, I do not.)- How to Have a Relationship with ChristThese are big topics that are easily distorted and misunderstood. The world's definition of "submission" is that it means women are supposed to be slaves or that it is like Fifty Shades of Gray. Thankfully, that is NOT what the Bible means! We have equal value in God's eyes as our husbands. It is our role that is different, not our value. God has given us a position of incredible influence to use for great good. May we learn to use our influence wisely to bless and build up our husbands and families rather than to tear them down.When we live for Christ as Lord and discover God's design for marriage, for masculinity, femininity, and family, we find that His design is GOOD. It takes so much oppressive weight off of us that our culture has heaped on our shoulders. His design promotes real intimacy, unity, cooperation, mutual respect, real romance, and blessing. It brings out the best in husbands and wives. I invite you to do your own study of God's design for your walk with Him and your marriage. Don't take my word for it, see what He has to say in His Word.Much love!
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