Getting Kids Ready in the Mornings - Peaceful Mom Style (SKIT)

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253   2 years ago
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253   2 years ago
Ladies,Yes, the one morning I decided to video our morning, my van battery died! That cracks me up. :) So thankful for grandparents who live closeby and a husband who could come quickly to my rescue.None of us wants to be irritable, upset, angry, and out-of-control with our kids or husbands. We all want to be peaceful, joyful women who have things under control.In our own human strength, we can't be the women we want to be. No matter how hard we may try.But when we yield to the Lordship of Jesus Christ and allow His Spirit to fill and control us, He gives us the power we need to be the women we long to be. It is all about what He has done for us and Him working and living in and through us.Check out Galatians 5:16-25 in your quiet time this week to see what life can be like when we choose to be Spirit-filled rather than to live in the power of the flesh.All of us have the ability to be peaceful women in the power of Jesus! What a difference our peace makes for our families. When we are peaceful, everything goes so much more smoothly. Even when there are problems.HELPFUL POSTS:How to Have a Saving Relationship with Jesus Christ to Be Filled with the Spirit Keys to Finding Real Peace
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