Catch Your Miracle with Heidi Baker! | Extended Interview with Sid Roth

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▶▶Get your copy of Living from the Presence by Heidi Baker:▶▶SUBSCRIBE: Roth with Heidi Baker on It's Supernatural! © 2018This is the extended version of Sid Roth's interview with Heidi Baker. How does Heidi Baker face challenges when she ministers to the people of Mozambique? She immerses herself in the Presence of God. Heidi wants you to learn how to release the atmosphere of Heaven — and prevail.Living from the Presence of God starts here! — SidAre you living your life, or your life in Him? Your old life is crucified in Jesus, remember? And the new life is better!Heidi Baker says walking in the power of your “new man” isn’t very complicated. It’s not about studying doctrines and signing up for ministry programs. It’s about yielding your time to God. It’s about relationship.Heidi shows you how to encounter God’s Presence. She shows you the keys to living connected to your living God. Not everyone is willing! Many get stuck for long seasons. The first step to breakthrough is to let God set your agenda. You can surrender, or hold on to what isn’t working. Let Heidi help!Heidi says when you learn to live from God’s Presence, your life and personal ministry will find a new order. What your family and community will encounter is God’s order, and you will learn to release the atmosphere of heaven into your spheres of influence.Along with 8 sessions on the 4-CD set, you get her interactive manual, a 40-day journey to help you encounter God’s Glory and Presence. Let the transformation begin now.Heidi Baker founded Iris Ministries with her husband, Rolland. Together they served as missionaries in Indonesia, Hong Kong, and the streets of London before following God’s calling in 1995 to Mozambique. The Bakers now watch God provide miraculously for over 7,000 children. Heidi is the author of Compelled By Love and co-author with Rolland of Always Enough and Expecting Miracles.▶▶Get your copy of Living from the Presence by Heidi Baker: THIS EPISODE ON DVD - HERE TO START YOUR HEALING - - - Our Mentoring Club! - Newsletter! - Sid Roth's It's Supernatural! 2018
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