END TIMES ARE HERE! Everything is Leading up to Something Big! Prophecy Fulfilling! - 2018

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253   2 years ago
Bible Prophecy is constantly in the News! Go to bed tonight and wake up tomorrow and you may not recognize your world! Change is happening at a rate never seen before in history! But the Bible end time prophecies alone help us to know what the final events will be and how to prepare for them. That is what this YouTube channel is all about! Ready or not the Second Coming of Jesus Christ is imminent! The Mark of the Beast is soon to be enforced! The Antichrist is not near, but here! Our world is racing toward Armageddon! The signs or harbingers of the return of Christ reveal that these are the last days! God has a final warning for this world and it is found in the prophetic books of Daniel and Revelation! God does not guess about the future, He knows the future! This is no time for idle speculation or blind guesswork about life and death events! Our world is on the verge of the great tribulation and the seven last plagues! As you listen to President Donald Trump, as you watch news about Israel or Russia or North Korea or news of the latest catastrophe, or natural disaster you must look in the light of end time Bible Prophecy and that is why you need to stay tuned to our YouTube channel: AMAZING PROPHECIES! Pray for this channel as we reach the world with the gospel of Christ before it is forever too late! Come to this channel for prophecy update!
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