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KENT CHRISTMAS Prophecy for 2018: FULL TRANSCRIPT below:God has been speaking to me prophetically about our nation and about the church, and I have never written down a prophetic word before in thirty-some years that God has used me prophetically. To my knowledge I’ve never got behind the pulpit and read a prophetic word of the Lord.But God has given me so much over the last few days that in my prayer time I could donothing but write. So today I’m going to read you a prophecy that God has been givingme. And this prophecy deals with the nation, it deals with the lukewarm, it deals withthe wicked, and it deals with the righteous. This prophecy is not specifically for thischurch, even though The Resting Place is a part of the Body of Christ, this prophecythat I’m going to give you today is not specifically for this church. So if it doesn’t applyto you, don’t take it. If it does, then reach out and get a hold of it. It is for the Body ofChrist and because we are live streaming I trust that this word of the Lord will bereleased into places that it needs to be released today in the house of the Lord. It startsout really in a negative. It ends up in a positive. And so, though I am not used to doingit this way, this is how I felt the Lord lead me today.The Lord says that, “I am now taking hold of the reins of the nations in the earth and ofMy Body, the church. The season of men being in charge is over, and I am now goingto perform the word of My prophets that they have declared for generations.”“To those in My house who are believers but have left your first love, either return untoMe your passion, or I am going to remove your candle stick and I will give it to another.And the light of My presence will no longer be in your life because you did not value thepresence of the Lord.”“For Christians who no longer value My presence anymore and are lukewarm and Myhouse has not been a priority in your lives, I’m going to withdraw from you this comingyear” says God. “I have blessed the lukewarm hoping that My blessings would makeyou love Me more and want to spend time with Me, but you have fallen in love with Myblessings instead of Me. I am now going to remove My protection that I have had inyour lives and in your house and over your families” says the Lord. “And when you cryout to Me, I will not answer you in that day.”“My people have run after preachers and prophets who have lied to them and said ‘it’salright to be lukewarm and committed to Me’ and ‘make sin peace in your life’. Theyhave said that I am only a God of grace and mercy, and though I take no pleasure inthe death of the wicked, I also take no pleasure in My people who honor Me with theirlips but not with their hearts.” For Christians who have known My holy presence and have been filled with My Spiritbut have put no value on that privilege, I am, in 2018, beginning to remove My presencefrom them and they will no longer even feel convicted for the ways that they go in thatare no longer right.”“I have never asked My children to be perfect, just to be holy. Not to love the world orthe things that are in the world, but to love Me first. What the lukewarm have sold theirsouls for in the church, I am now going to take from them and I’m going to give it to mychildren who have lived for Me at any cost. And there is going to be great change in thevalue system in the house of God. I am not releasing this word today”, says the Lord,“because I’m looking for people to repent, but I’m releasing this word because I amabsolving Myself of the blood of the lukewarm on the day that you stand and look intothe eyes of your Holy Father. So He who is holy, let him be holy still. And he who isunclean, let him be unclean.”“Starting in 2018, I am going to begin to remove many churches in this nation whohave made My house a house of merchandise, but have caused My presence to be hidfrom My sheep. For My house shall be called a house of prayer”, says the Lord, “andnot a din of thieves. My house shall be a hospital”, sayeth God, “that shall be filled withthe bruised, the broken, and the needy. And though My house has been filled withmany, it’s not been filled with those who My spirit has reached out to.”“This final move that I am now releasing in the earth”, sayeth the Lord, “is not a movethat is going to have mixture, but it will be a move of the pure presence of Myself andof the Shekinah glory of God. I am releasing My glory and My presence in the earthbecause the harvest is now ready”, says the Lord “and I have been waiting for laborersto gather the harvest in.”“I now say unto the church that I have enough labors”, sayeth God “to bring theharvest into the house of the Lord. So 2018,” sayeth the Lord “for many houses, yourwalls will have to be pushed out”, sayeth God “ for there is an army of men and womenthat are getting ready to come into the house of the Lord. And for those that arelaborers”, sayeth God “your labor in My work
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