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LEDGER's official video for her track 'Not Dead Yet' off of her new debut EP - Available now on Atlantic Records.download your copy today at http://ledgerband.comConnect with LEDGER:Facebook: https://facebook.com/ledgerbandofficialTwitter: https://twitter.com/jenledger Instagram: https://instagram.com/jenledgerWebsite: http://www.ledgerband.comLyricsCalled to the ringTaking me round by roundIt hurts and it stingsTaking me down, down, downYou think that you caught meI can hear you taunt meFractured and I'm falling downMy enemy is watching me bleedI’m not dead yetSo watch me burnGo on trying, lying, you’re so sureI may be brokenBut I’m not doneI’ll go on fighting, while there’s breath in my lungsCause I’m not dead yetNo I’m not dead yetYou wait for the dayThat I'll be counted outYou stand at my graveAlready breaking groundBut I don't think you know meThere's a side you don't seeBeen to hell and made it outMy enemy, Ill watch you bleedI'm still awakeI won't go awayIt’s gonna take more than you can bring Calling my nameHeavens calling my name
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