On Bended Knee

280   8 months ago
Appalachia | 2 subscribers
280   8 months ago
On Bended Knee © is a new original Christian music song.
The Word of God through the ages
written in the Holy Scriptures
The answers that we seek are there for us to reap and grow wiser
There is a way
To lay your burdens down
to find the peace that you need
It all begins when you choose to listen to the Truth of Jesus

At the feet of Jesus every knee will bow
At the feet of Jesus every tongue will confess
that Jesus is the Lord to the glory of God the Father
on bended knee, on bended knee

Listen very carefully now
I’ll tell you a mystery revealed
Not all of us will die but we will all be wondrously changed
in the twinkling of an eye
When the last trumpet sounds
and the dead in Christ rise
we’ll be imperishable and completely transformed by His grace
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