Whitney Houston Tribute Album being planned...

<p>Whitney Houston. A tribute album for recently passed Whitney Houston is currently being planned and developed in New Jersey...Those who are involved in this special project were specifically chosen who can see and intimately connect to this vision. &#160; FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE &#160; KMille Yeah PRLog (Press Release) - Mar 14, 2012 - Whitney Houston Tribute Album Project being planned. A tribute album for Whitney Houston is currently being planned and developed in New Jersey. "Whitney Tribute" Album. Producers Don Guillaume-Drummer with "The Fugees" for 10 years and Donnie Atis. Don Guillaume has worked with Whitney Houston, Stevie Wonder and Eric Clapton...Background Vocals Paulette Guillaume and K&#39;Mille. This is a intimate and dear project that is close to my heart, says singer/songwriter K&#39;Mille. "I&#39;m Whitney&#39;s cousin. We are related through my father&#39;s side of the family." The songs that are written just dropped into my spirit during the unexpected passing of Whitney. There are so many emotions here. Whitney will be greatly missed. Whitney can never be replaced. But, she will be honored. K&#39;Mille is The "Quiet"cousin who mainly kept to herself in the shadows, so to speak. A childhood friend of Whitney had met K&#39;Mille years ago stated to K&#39;Mille. "You talk like Whitney." K&#39;Mille gestured and the childhood friend of Whitney responded. "Whitney does that too." Then, "You look like Whitney." These observations continued before K&#39;Mille got huffy and puffy, shrugged with irritation because of the bombardment of comparisions and shifted, thinking to herself, "Uggh! Whitney this and Whitney that!" &#160;and in response to this gesture, Again, the child hood friend of Whitney calmly repeated. "Yeah, Whitney does that too!" K&#39;Mille thinking back and laughing at the experience now. But back then, truthfully, I felt like I was hidden in Whitney&#39;s shadow. I have to remember, I know there will be comparisions, but I know after awhile, I will stand on my own talents with my own identity intact. Whitney found her way out of Dion&#39;s and Cissy&#39;s shadow. I will find my way too. Still, K&#39;Mille responds, "I guess there are some family characteristics I can&#39;t run away from." This album is very important and has great "Spiritual" significance. The Lord is pressing on my heart to go forth. There is a grieving process and a healing one. This album is the healing phase we all need. Whitney&#39;s fans and family. I asked the Lord, "Why did Whitney and I have to grow up apart?" The Lord stated to me, "It was not a "Healthy" enviornment." I understand His wisdom and it runs deep. The Lord deals with all of us personally. We all have issues. The Lord freed me from things and I intend to keep my spiritual healing. I&#39;m strong enough to go forward now. My testimony is currently being published and anticipated release late 2012. This Whitney Tribute project is for my whole family. I prayed for Whitney many years, many have. I have prayed for family. God answers prayer and God always gets the glory. &#160;Family knows what this means. But, healing is coming. Family curses, family secrets. Time to break and be set free. God sees. And He is faithful. K&#39;Mille grew up not far from East Orange in Ocean County, NJ and now currently resides in Hunterdon County, NJ. K&#39;Mille attends South Ridge Community Church in Clinton, NJ and sings on SRCC Worship Team. K&#39;Mille has her own music projects released, But Whitney Tribute album. "This is the one most special to my heart." Those who are involved in this special project were specifically chosen who can see and intimately connect to this vision. We love Whitney. This one&#39;s for you "Cuz". ARTIST K&#39;MILLE&#39;s OFFICAL WEBSITE http://www.k-mille.net DON GUILLAUME-MUSICIAN MYSPACE http://www.myspace.com/drummerdon1 K&#39;MILLE-MUSICIAN MYSPACE http://www.myspace.com/kmille1 PAULETTE GUILLAUME-MUSICIAN MYSPACE http://www.myspace.com/paulettegm7 # # # Rowdie Riot Records publishes and distributes original music. Music genre&#39;s include, R&amp;B, Soft Pop, Hip Hop, Adult Contemporary, Contemporary Christian, Inspirational and Club. Rowdie Riot Records also publish literary writings and movie scripts. K&#39;Mille is available for interviews, speaking engagements and performance events. Inquires, please direct to office number: 1-212-726-1154 or E-mail: RowdieRiot@gmail.com --- end --- ShareThis inShare &#160; Contact Email &#160; : ***@gmail.com Issued By &#160; : Rowdie Riot Records Phone &#160; : 1-212-726-1154 Fax &#160; : 1-212-726-3154</p>

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