Believing in the Lord God has nothing to do with the fear of death

...and everything to do with the love of His love. I have taken a glimpse to His wisdom and seen examples of His power. These are the ones who shake and overwhelm the fragile human heart. But I have also picked some holy drops of His love, beyond His greatest gift, sign and wonder.

These drops are more precious to me than my life in eternity, for I would gladly give not only this short life, but also an eternal one for just a moment in which I would be one with such one drop and thus, one with Him.

There is a presentiment of the following incredible happiness, that cannot be express in the poor human way of language. Not even the greatest form of art wouldn't help. Only the tears, the sweet river of tears can give a small sign of it. 

Oh, yes, Mr. Dawkins and others like him should better discover this before claiming that fear of death turns people into believers. Love of the holy love takes all in the true believer's heart. Consequently, fear of death is out of it and stays out for ever.

May our dear Lord and Father use us to bring His light to all the good and lonely hearts of the people who haven't yet recognized Him!

18425   54 years ago
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18425   54 years ago
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