Abortion - What will the rejection of God's law cost me in the end?

       Unplanned Pregnancy

        Though there may be less than favourable circumstances that surround an unplanned pregnancy, the Christian woman or teen has an obligation before God to pause and prayerfully consider the biblical bottom line – God is pro-life – before entertaining thoughts of termination.

        “Thou shalt not murder” Deut. 5:17. Ever-increasingly, the world-view of the bible is that it is archaic, irrelevant, and does not reflect the mood or mindset of the 21st century. The world, in its ungodly perspective, has decided that aborting the unborn is a decision that is ours to make. This was never God's view on the issue. Man’s disobedience and rejection of God’s word is neither new, nor is it shocking to God. It is an attitude that has been around since the beginning. This, however, does not make it any more acceptable to God. What the 21st century world deems irrelevant is quite relevant in God’s everlasting moral order; a moral code that Christians are to embrace if Jesus is really our Lord.

         God is the same yesterday, today and forever. His moral standards are today what they have always been. If God were to change with every new calendar year to accommodate man’s ever-advancing moral corruption, then He would no longer be the Almighty, but rather a weak and indecisive entity. No, we can trust God. We can trust His faithfulness, love, strength and forgiveness, because of the fact that He is God and does not change.

        A 'pro-choice' argument that has remained front and center over the years, and has worked toward empowering women in their decision and also giving justification to it (they think), is the argument - it is my body, therefore it is my right to choose. The obvious, but seldom-used rebuttal is of course - it may be your body, but it is not your life you are taking. The decision to take the life of another is not a decision that is ours to make, and when we do so, it is called 'murder'. The unborn, undeveloped fetus is alive. If it were not, its steady and progressive development into human form would not be possible. If the fetus were not alive the woman would naturally miscarry. The body is a working wonder, wonderfully made. It knows exactly what to do if a living, developing fetus dies within the womb. But for us to wilfully kill this life, is to take the life of another.

        I am sympathetic toward those who find themselves facing an unwanted pregnancy. But the truth is, the ‘breath of life’ is God’s to give and it is His alone to take away. Women acknowledge and honour God - the creator of life, when they protect life in the womb. Every life conceived is life God has granted. If we honour God’s moral code, and do not wound our very soul by the willful destruction of our own flesh and blood, life will be fuller and better. No matter how difficult the emotional challenges are surrounding the pregnancy, we must ask ourselves – What will the rejection of God’s moral law cost me in the end?

        May I encourage you to carefully consider God and also the precious life you carry before making a critical decision that will immensely impact the rest of your life.

        God is your strength.



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