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#WARNING if you are contacted by someone claiming to be DLC Ministries or Daily Bread And Water asking for money, it is not me. @DLCMinistry or @COGCommChurch (all handles were written just like this) is NOT me anymore it’s FAKE; I changed EVERY service except for my email & two pages are changed to @DailyBreadWater (all handles on social media are written just like this ALL OTHERS ARE FAKE). My YouTube “About” Tab has ALL my current links. I WILL NEVER ASK or WANT money. That’s not what God called me to do. But these are all my current & former handles. All Daily Bread And Water pages are linked to my @DailyBreadWater (example https://… except for Rumble (which I can not change the URL just yet). I’m writing this because I got an email from Square claiming I created an account. I WAS NOT me so if you get anything about #Square, #PayPal, #CashApp or anything asking for money block & report the person. Thank y’all & God bless y’all
Sorry everyone I've tried to upload part 6 of our study of King David but the uploader is sending me to the home page. God willing this will be fixed soon. Because this Sunday (September 18) video is a can't miss sermon as we talk about "Is The Bible Relevant In Today's Society?". You don't want t o miss that sermon. As for our study of King David, I felt The Lord wanted me to move on so I tried upload part 6 yesterday. Part 6 of our study of King David is on my YouTube channel at if you are interested in watching it. God willing I'll be able to upload part 6 of our study of King David soon. I love y'all and God bless y'all.
I don't know what happened but last week's Resurrection Sunday video did show up so here it is from YouTube

Risen Savior
Friday (April 15, 2022) is officially the start of Passover, we know from The Bible Jesus died on Passover. Friday is also Good Friday, which is the day we commemorate as the day Jesus died on the cross. Here’s our Passover message preached on April 4, 2015.
Today is Palm Sunday the first day that started the greatest story of our Christian walk about 2,000 ago. Today commemorates Jesus riding through the eastern gate on a donkey worshiped as a king. Only to dying as a common criminal days later. We preached this message on March 29, 2015.