Ezekiel 38 War

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Ezekiel 38 War – Ezekiel 38–39 - Gog and Allies invade Israel!

Will Christian witness the Ezekiel 38-39 war before the Rapture, or will it take place during the Tribulation? Christians are on both sides of this debate.

Scripture indicates that a 3rd temple must be rebuilt in Jerusalem so Israel can start animal sacrifices, but the Muslims forbid Jews to rebuild.

The temple institute in Jerusalem templeinstitute.org establish in 1987 has a goal to establish the 3rd temple for the Jews. Many items for animal sacrifices are already underway.

Remember the Jews rejected Christ as their Messiah and are still looking for a Messiah that will be king and overthrow the enemies of Israel.

With Israel restored back into the land in 1948, there are now new ambitions and enormous amount of prophesy still to be fulfilled. I might add that there are Christians who say all or most of the prophesy have been fulfilled, (or don’t take them literally) but ignore that Israel is the key to the fulfillment and has to be in the land before prophesy can be fulfilled.

There is speculation that a war must take place to neutralize the area so the 3rd temple can be built near or at the “Doom of the Rock” in Jerusalem which currently is not controlled by the Jews.

Then out of nowhere, there comes a influential person, a leader, the Anti-Christ that will offer a peace treaty to Israel and make way for the building of the 3rd temple.

For this to happen, there has to be a deceptive peace treaty offered at the start of the seven-year Tribulation period, by the Anti-Christ to Israel that will only last for 3 ½ years as Daniel 9:27 speaks about.

The Anti-Christ breaks the covenant at the midway point of the tribulation as Jesus talks about it in Matthew 24 the “abomination of desolation” where an offensive swine is offers on the altar.

The Jews will be so surprised because they had faith in this Anti-Christ as their Messiah! But God in His mercy tells the remnant to flee to the mountains where many think this is in Petra!

The Ezekiel 38-39 war, sometimes referred to as Gog and Magog war is where the Russians, far north and a collation of nations will invade Israel!

And guess what? The USA will not support Israel as it appears from this prophesy, except perhaps as some scholars indicate that the USA might be referenced in verse 13 as the young lions and others diplomatically ask, “are you going to plunder Israel?”

The war will take place for sure as God lures a confederacy of nations by the jaw into the land of Israel so that God can provide victory for Israel and defeat those nations.

So why will the USA not help Israel? Here are some possibilities:

• Either the Rapture of the Church occurs and Christians known in the Church age are resurrected and removed from the coming Tribulation – No USA Super power status,
• The USA continues on its moral decline and new Anti-Semitic leaders govern - No USA Super power status,
• The USA Relinquish power to United Nations,
• Military take over.

It doesn’t appear that the USA will have any influence in the world when you read Ezekiel 38 – 39 as an aid to Israel. And certainly, God wants to take credit for the victory!

So now the question is again, could the Ezekiel 38 -39 war occur before the tribulation, or even before the Church Rapture?

Remember, a peace treaty must be signed by the Anti-Christ to officially start the tribulation period, Daniel 9:27.

Personally, I would not desire to witness the Ezekiel war because scripture is clear that the USA will not support Israel in this war and that mean literally that we have anti-Israeli leadership governing the USA which means Christians will certainly experience more persecution, more than ever in its history!

Certainly not everyone reading this is on the same page. Many do not even know why there is a seven-year tribulation period and spout off as self-acclaimed experts without knowing the full history of why there is a further seven-year judgement yet to be fulfilled for Israel.

I can point folks to other material for those truly desiring to know but anyone that starts to personally attack my character will be blocked and comments deleted. Some folks like to argue just for the sake of argument and are not really desiring to know truth.

Stay tuned for an update as to why this war occurs? What is the motivation for this war?
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