God Is With Us - The War Within (Official Music Video)

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856   1 year ago
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856   1 year ago
The War Within is John Harter, Rebekah Alleckna, Michael Racine, Nathan Ewert, and Josh Biegel.
Joining us today were our friends Jason Larsson, Luke Vandevert, Julia Kilbrai, Joey Sutton, and Rachel Wilkins!

Directed & Producer: Michael Racine
Producer: Nathan Ewert
Crew: Owen Eyres, Kraig Burns, Ryan Gauer

The night was overwhelming
Hope was dead on the cross
Jesus had breathed his last
Then light broke through the darkness
The shadow’s hold was broken
Death was defeated

On the cross You gave Your life
Pouring out a precious sacrifice
You laid down in darkness
Waging a war we could not win
When the stone was rolled away
The tomb was empty where Your body laid
Jesus is risen
Jesus has overcome the grave
God is with us

King of my salvation
You paid the cost for my sin
Jesus, the Son of God
Risen on the third day
You conquered all my fear
I know You're with me

Be unto Your name
All the blessing
All the honour
All the praise
Forever and ever
All the glory
All the power
All the strength
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