Tell Me

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331   16 days ago
Tell Me © Dwight Nathan Winnett is a new original Christian music song. LYRICS > Verse1: Tell me, tell me of the story, when the universe began.
The one where something came from nothing
and light sprang from the dark expanse.
Tell me of God’s mighty power that made all things above our sky
and formed the earth in all its beauty
filled it with each form of life
from land to sea and air alike.
Pre-Chorus: Tell me of the Love of God who sent his only Son to die.
Tell me of the heart of Jesus, who was crucified.
Love still lives today in Jesus Christ.

Chorus: The love of God resurrected Jesus Christ.
The love of God brought Him back from death again.
The love of God is the gift He offers to us.
The love of God can bring you back from the grave once again.
Verse2: Tell me, tell me about Heaven far away beyond the sun
with streets of gold and precious stones
beneath the feet of those God loves.
Yes, tell me of transforming power where death and sickness are no more
and of that flowing crystal river
passing by God’s golden shores
before the Savior we adore.
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