Revival’s In The Air - Bethel Music feat. Melissa Helser

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792   3 months ago
“Revival's In The Air” by Melissa Helser from our new album “Revival’s In The Air”, EVERYWHERE

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Verse 1
I can feel redemption on the wind
Forgiveness like the tide rolling in
Taking up the space where shame has lived
Receiving all that You died to give

Let the wind blow, let the tide roll
Till the earth knows, You’re a God of Love
Let my dry bones sing a new song
All the glory to the God of Love

Verse 2
I can see a valley of dry bones
Rattling, moving bone to bone
You breathe the breath of life into our lungs
Marching on our knees we march to love

Revival’s in the air
Catch it if you can
He’s moving on the wind
The dawn is breaking
Lift your eyes to see
He’s better than you dreamed
Everything you lost
Love’s returning

Melissa Helser, Jonathan David Helser, and Cadence Helser

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Revival’s In The Air (Live)
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Revival's In The Air
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