Someone Must Live

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245   1 month ago
Someone Must Live © Dwight Nathan Winnett is a new original Christian music song. LYRICS >
Verse 1: Someone must live. Someone must die. To be born again. To walk in the Spirit. We must give up who we were, leave it behind, and enter into the light.

Chorus: Someone must live. Someone must die.

Verse 2: When we repent of the sins in our life. The old self dies and we are freed from it. Crucified with Christ and born again it’s Christ who lives within us.

Bridge: So then what are our lives if we can’t see eternity and we never know God who created your souls? We live but a short time then we’re gone so quickly. Was our vision so short? Was our hearing so deaf?

Verse 3: To live is Christ. To die is gain. Not my will, Lord. But yours be done forthright. This life I live by faith in Jesus Christ who gave his own life for me.
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