Believe With A Faithful Heart

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302   10 months ago
Believe With A Faithful Heart © is a new original Christian music song.
Out on the water, in the dark of night,
Jesus was walking, like a ghost in moonlight,
up to their boat, right through a storm on the sea;
and they were frightened, until they heard Him speak.

Find your courage, it’s Me that you see.
Calm your fears, put your mind at ease,
and believe with a faithful heart,
that you can finish the works you start.

Then Peter said, Lord if it’s really true,
tell me to come, out on the water with you.
Then Peter walked, until the wind rose and blew.
He started sinking, and he cried out for rescue.

I do not know Him. I know not of what you speak.
I was not with Him. You have mistaken me.
“You’re Galilean”. I said I don’t know this man.
Then crowed a rooster. Peter had failed again.
© D.N.W.
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