The Flip The Script Challenge Motivation


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336   2 years ago
kamal | 1 subscriber
336   2 years ago
Are you ready for the flip the script challenge?
If you had to write and direct the movie of your life, what would your future look like?
Well let’s get going, there’s no time to waste, are you ready?
Let’s create it!
Now, you’re going to use your imagination and have some fun
But remember, just like Neo in the Matrix, you’re the one
See all matter is like planets, and you’re the sun
All actors will respond to your direction
When things go wrong, you won’t point the finger at
Or blame anyone
You’ll take charge, cause you’re a boss and you’re living large
Now think of all of the things that you desire
Think about how you’re constantly rising higher
Say “I now have financial freedom”
“I now have inner joy”
“I’m living my best life, a life that I enjoy”
“I now have financial freedom”
“I now have inner joy”
“I’m living my best life, a life that I enjoy”
You’re going to need a lot of assistance on the set
Along with the actors that you direct
You are the director and star, a co-star you must hire
At your casting call someone wants to audition for the villain, but the devil is a liar
Cause as you maintain a laser beam focus on your dreams and your gifts
You will simply ignore all antagonist
You’ll put blinders on like a thoroughbred
Focus on your goal a go straight ahead
Now back to the people who you will direc
Vision your dream house and hire an architect
Your new set will reflect your new neighborhood
Where the scenery is perfect and the people are good
Have the props manager give you your favorite cars
And the wardrobe consultant, a wardrobe designed for a star
Vision receiving your advance, salary and royalties, as the executive producer of the flick
And if the lead character has trials and tribulations, make sure he or she never quits
And If the star has a major difficulty, he or she must conquer it!
Stay focused in your movie, even in the midst of the drama
Keep joy in your heart like Oprah, and peace like the Dali Llama
Make sure your content with your script and blueprint
Read it every day to stay on course and make adjustments
And now, that your assignments in alignment
Lights camera action!
You’re now building the future that you will be in.

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