Truth About The Cross [Role of Holy Spirit] - Part IV

201   4 months ago
HeraldwilsonJ | 1 subscriber
201   4 months ago
This video material describes various aspects of TRUTH about THE CROSS starting from the basics all the way from the foundation of the world, how SIN took it's shape? How did the concept of Messiah evolve and the reasons behind? What was the sufferings of Christ biologically, mentally, spiritually? Few case studies comparing Jesus with old testament veterans such as Joseph, Jacob, David and taking it through the Messianic prophecies from the Bible both Old & New Testament. Also describing all the events in the chronological order every 1000 years until 4000th year where Jesus arrived to this earth. Overall, this series will shed lots of light on the different perspectives of CROSS & JESUS SUFFERINGS until the HOLY SPIRIT came on this world, we will also speak about GRACE OF JESUS CHRIST. God Bless you!

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