Prayer Language, Speaking in Tongues, how satan stops Christians from receiving the gift of Tongues


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473   2 years ago
robertbrownell | 0 subscribers
473   2 years ago
Praying in Tongues. satan has had a very successful campaign in preventing Christians from getting the Gift of Tongues. There are so many lies and misunderstanding in the church about this gift. In short, satan allows the Church to talk about it, study it, debate about it, have nice doctrinal discussions about it, as long as they just NEVER get it. What good is a soldier that knows all about guns, but does NOT have one. Not using this Gift has crippled the Church, preventing many believers from maturing on to the Higher Gifts. If you are a Christian who doesnt have the Prayer Language yet, Get IT. Stop making excuses of why you dont need it, or how you failed to get it before. JUST GET IT. And if you already have the gift, Use It, Stir It Up, It doesnt do any good if it lies dormant.
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