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263   11 months ago
Rise © D.N.W. This is a modern original Christian song.
Verse 1:
Sometimes when I wake up in the night
I think about my soul
and a future that lies before me
I’m not ready to know
Eternity is just beyond
what I can see in my mind
It’s a place I cannot enter yet
until my time has come

Your Spirit is there
and time doesn’t mean a thing to me
There’s no other place I’d rather be

Verse 2:
If I spent my whole work day
and then half the night too
just meditating on your Word
that is worthy and true
I’d soon run all out of time
long before I was through
and in a lifetime I would still have more,
more to learn from you

Chorus: (x3)
Lord Jesus stay nearby
in the stillness of the night
until you call my spirit to rise
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