With These Hands


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With These Hands © D.N.W. This is a modern original Christian song.
Verse 1.
With these hands God gave us
made to do His will
in this world until He comes
back for us as He will.
We will reach out in the darkness
helping those in bondage still,
reach out to all the nations,
reach all of them we will.

Verse 2.
With these ears God gave us
so we could hear His Word
through the sin that tries so hard
to keep us from our Lord.
We can hear His voice so softly
speaking truth in all His ways,
hear what His will is for us,
hear what He has to say.

Let your will be done this day
by those with hearts to serve.
Open doors and make new ways
for all who spread your Word.

Verse 3.
With this heart God gave us
so we could feel His love,
He gave to each one to share
and pass on to the world.
So our lights must shine in darkness
and our love seek to befriend
the lost who don’t have Jesus
the ones still dead in sin;
the lost who don’t have Jesus
the ones still dead in sin.
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