Agape Love

260   4 months ago
Appalachia | 2 subscribers
260   4 months ago
Agape Love © D.N.W. This is a modern original Christian song.
Working overtime. Eking out a living.
Doing my job like a sail in the wind.
Walking in the Spirit in this life we’re given.
Walking in obedience and turning from sin.

It wouldn’t mean a thing if it wasn’t for you.
We’d be dead in our sins never having known the Truth.

When we get to eternity,
there will be Agape love;
a love as true as a young bird’s song,
a love that lives forever long.
When we get to eternity,
there will be love;
a love as pure as a snow fed stream,
a love that’s new as tomorrow night’s dreams

Walking by faith. Staying in the light.
Living by The Word that’s become our delight.
Praying for the lost in hope of their salvation.
That they’ll come to you before their lives are done.
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