Blessy Simon, Joseph Raj Allam || The Worship Studio || Bharosa hai tu mera || Season 2


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And those who know your name put their trust in you, for you, O Lord, have not forsaken those who seek you. - Psalm 9:10

Vocals : Blessy Simon & Joseph Raj Allam
Lyrics : Blessy Simon
Tune : Blessy Simon & Merlyn Salvadi

Producer - Kenny Salvadi
Co-producer - Merlyn Salvadi

Audio Credits:
Music Producer: Daniel Prem Kumar
Mix and Master : Daniel Prem Kumar
Indian Percussions : Sanjeev Sanju
Drums : Solomon Raj
Violin : Shalem Christy
Gang Vocals : Aruna Angel, Joni Paul, Sheila Merlin, Tarun, Paul & John

Band featured in the video:
Worship Leader 1 : Blessy Simon
Worship Leader 2 : Joseph Raj Allam
Acoustic Guitar : Daniel prem Kumar
Drums: Solomon raj
Indian percussions (Tabla) : Sanju Sanjeev
Bass: Raj
Electric guitar: James Emmanuel
Keys: Jaya Jeevan
Violin 1 : Sheena
Violin 2 : Monica
Violin 3 : Jonathan
Violin 4 : Arpan Levi

Gang Vocals:
Girls : Beauty, Joni paul, Sheila Merlin & Aruna Angel.
Boys : Tarun, paul & John

Video Production - Sycamore Films
Cinematographers - Sukumar Allu, K Kiran Kumar, Joshua, Sanders Murphy & Suhas Jonathan V (Frost Frame Films)
Edit - Naresh Guniganti
Behind the scenes and Still Photography : Susheel Sai

Lighting Manager : Mamatha Eliz Feona
Lighting Engineer : Meegada Santhosh Samuel
Lighting Tech : Kranthi Kumar

Set Concept - Merlyn, Kenny & Ebby
Set Design - Merlyn & Steve
Props & Set up - Steve

Production Team:
Line Producer - Sundeep Kadamandla
Shoot Manager - Ebby
Operation Manager - Bhasker Joel
Live Sound Engineer - Susheel
Logistics - Hoglah Leena, Aakruthi
Posters and promotion - Merlyn Salvadi
Hospitality Manager - Nicky
Hospitality - Sowmya, Priya, Aakruthi
Location Manager - Mr. David Raj
Production Assistants - Joel, Abhi, Hari, Jayasheel, Joseph, Sumesh

A big Thank you to Cross Anthem Team

A lot of people have been praying for Worship Studio and supported us in every possible way, A big Thank You to all those who stood by us and we pray that God will bless everyone immensely.

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Tu hi hai mera sahara, tuj bin main adhoora
Pre-chorus : bharosa hai tu mera pyaara yeshua, Taakath hai tu meri pyaara yeshua

Verse 1 : doshi main khada tha, lahoo ne tera mujhe mukti diya
Maayoosi chaayee thi, pyaar ne tere mujhe aanand diya(2)
Pre-chorus : bharosa hai tu mera pyaara yeshua, taakath hai tu meri pyaara yeshua

Verse 2 : Sabne choda saath mera, par tune thaama haath mera
Rishte saare toot gaye, tera pyaar ka bandhan atoot raha(2)
Pre-chorus : bharosa hai tu mera pyaara yeshua, taakath hai tu mera pyaara yeshua

Bridge - Meri sharan mera gad Yeshu, meri himmat mera bal Yeshu
Meri raksha mera aashray Yeshu, mera uddhaarkartha jeevith Yeshu

Pre-chorus : bharosa hai tu mera pyaara yeshua, taakath hai tu meri pyaara yeshua

©2021 Kenny Salvadi Productions I All Rights Reserved | This song is produced by acquiring all legal permissions. All rights belong to the original writers. Any unauthorized downloading, broadcasting, public performance, copying or rerecording this video or audio without prior written permission from Kenny Salvadi Productions will constitute an infringement of copyright and serious legal action will be taken against individuals or organizations who do not have the rights.
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