Pakistani Christian Remains Jailed After Two Years


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486   1 year ago
Grace | 6 subscribers
486   1 year ago
In Pakistan, there are many Christians suffering in prison under false blasphemy charges, including a man named Anwar Masih. In cases like his, believers often spend years behind bars, in inhumane conditions, with little hope of being set free.

Yet, there are ways that you can help! First and foremost, pray. Pray for encouragement, protection, and peace for Anwar and others in similar circumstances. Pray for them to shine the light of Christ behind the dark prison walls.

You can also help lift his spirits by sending him a letter of encouragement through ICC's letter-writing campaign: Lastly, we encourage you to contact the Pakistan embassy in your nation today to call for his release. Thank you for your continued action on behalf of our persecuted brothers and sisters!

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