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The Judgment over the Epicures - other prophecies from the New Revelation concerning our times

<p>"[1] You know that someone who has become rich in earthly goods has most of the time also become in his heart as a stone of in sensitiveness and without love. What does he care about the many thousands of other people who are tormented by hunger, thirst and still other disasters, for he is well provided for, has never felt hunger or thirst and has an abundance of treasures to please him with every other pleasure, so that he does not have to taste any boredom or any other displeasure.</p>

<p>[2]&#160;But then, where does such a person stand in his inner spiritual sphere of life? I say to you: on the point of eternal judgment and its&#160;death, and his whole circle of acquaintances is not far away from&#160;it.</p>

<p>[3]&#160;Besides that, remember what I will proclaim to you: <strong><span class="fbUnderline">when there will be a lot of Epicures on the Earth, a general judgment over all the people on this Earth will also soon be allowed by God.</span> Then we will see if somewhere there will again be men who will stand up with the measuring stick in their hand and dare to say to their fellowmen: ‘Look, I have measured this big piece of land, I have indicated its boundaries and declare this as my complete inviolable property, and he who has the brutality to dispute this or will only say: ‘Friend, everyone of us has the right to snatch this imagined right out of your hands, as long as he has the power and the means to do it&#39;, I will punish with death.&#39;</strong></p>

<p><strong>[4]&#160;I say to you: <span class="fbUnderline">at that time such people will never exist</span>, for when next time I will come again on this Earth to keep judgment over such dead epicures, but also to give the reward of life to those who out of love for God and their fellowman have suffered much misery and distress, then the Earth will no more be measured with any measuring stick for the benefit of one person only, but wherever one will stand, he will also reap and provide for his need. And the people will well support one another, and no one will say: ‘Look, this is my property and I am lord over it.&#39;<span class="fbUnderline"> Because then men will perceive that I alone am the Lord, and that they all are brothers and&#160;sisters.</span></strong></p>

<p>[5]&#160;It is true that this should also be the case among the people now, but in this middle period of development of men who are still not purified by the big fire of life, it will stay allowed, but from now on, it will not be a full 2.000 years anymore. After that, the spirit will predominate strongly with men and on the Earth no more ‘mine&#39; and ‘his&#39; will be seen, nor will be talked about it.</p>

<p>[6]&#160;You, who are now My friends, possess a big piece of land of the Earth that has been measured to you. Ask yourselves who measured it to you as your legal property, and the answer will&#160;be: the laws made by men, and your money and other treasures to which again only men have awarded an idle value to&#160;it.</p>

<p>[7]&#160;From God&#39;s point of view, the whole Earth belongs to all men in equal measure, as this was the case in the beginning. Wise men should divide it according to the need of the people and should teach them to cultivate it, and then the fruits should be partly distributed by the wise men and the surplus should be kept in warehouses and storehouses that are arranged for that, so that no one in the community should suffer need.</p>

<p>[8]<strong>&#160;But if the rich and mighty will draw everything unto themselves, a lot of people must by that become very poor and live their lives in great misery and distress, because everything belongs to the few rich and mighty but nothing to the poor, except what the rich and mighty want to give them in a scanty measure for the heavy work that they have done for them.</strong></p>

<p>(Great Gospel of John Book 20, chap. 30.&#160;&#160; About future events)</p>



<p>"[1] Thus, let everyone be full of meekness and humility. By that you will give each other the greatest and most true human honor, and live and have dealings with each other in peace and quietness.</p>

<p>[2] However, thirst for honor and pride will awaken resentment, offense, contempt, grudge, anger and finally vengeance, war and its evil consequences. <strong>The one who is proud and is thirsty for honor is also always full of self-interest and greed, and the sad consequence for the fact that he only wants to acquire everything for himself to increase his worldly honor, is that hundreds and thousands of people around him have nothing and must live in the greatest poverty and need, as it was the case during the time of Noah, and will be the case even more during the last time of the new paganism.</strong></p>

<p><strong>[3]&#160;But this evil and complete hellish condition among the people will be the judgment that they will cause themselves.<span class="fbUnderline"> The enormous number of poor and oppressed people will finally rise against their extremely proud oppressors and will make a short work with them, and this will be a second deluge by the fire of the finally too badly and too heavily oppressed poor people.</span></strong></p>

<p>[4]&#160;But during that time, also a natural fire will destroy many places, for <strong>because of a too highly inflated pursuit of earthly gain during that time,</strong> the people will penetrate like malicious worms into the depths of the Earth, will search therein all kinds of treasures and will also find them. However, once they will have reached the mighty layers of buried ancient forests of the Earth and will use them for the glowing and melting of metals and still for many other things, then also, the latest judgment which they will prepare for themselves, will be at the door.</p>

<p>[5]&#160;Yet, the people who will then live in the great cities of the kings and the mighty of the Earth of that time will have to suffer the most.</p>

<p>[6]&#160;Therefore, always stay meek and humble, and by that in true neighborly love, then no judgment will be called over you, because where during that time the people will live according to My order, there will be no last judgment. I have told you this now beforehand with the purpose that you will also tell and proclaim it to the people, so that finally no one can bring forward the excuse that he had not been warned for the danger.”</p>

<p>&#160;(Great Gospel of John Book 18, chap. 99. The coming judgments)</p>




<p>[5]&#160;<span class="fbUnderline"><strong>But when too many people will have reached the full measure of their evil</strong></span>, <strong>then the time of their unpunished evil actions will be shortened by Me for the sake of the still few good ones and chosen ones</strong>, and then their own judgment and their death will devour them before the eyes of the few righteous ones, just like it was the case at the time of Noah, and of Abraham and Lot, and also partially at the time of Joshua, and as it still will be repeatedly the case from now on.</p>

<p>[6]&#160;The beginning of that will soon be experienced by the Jews, as well as later by other kingdoms with their rulers and nations. <strong>And in not completely 2.000 years there will again be a very big and general judgment</strong>,<span class="fbUnderline"><strong> leading to salvation of the good ones and to ruin of the worldly great ones and the complete loveless people.</strong></span></p>

<p>[7]&#160;How that judgment will look like and what it will imply, that I have revealed already several times to all My disciples who are present here with Me, and after Me they will proclaim it to the nations of the Earth. Happy the one who will take it at heart and who will arrange his life accordingly, so that he will not be taken by the judgment.</p>

<p>(Great Gospel of John Book 20 Chap 97. About the measure of good and evil)</p>




<p>[16]&#160;Correspondingly, when men become, concerning their inner life&#160;activity, lukewarm, lazy, sleepy and without light, then immediately great movements will arise in the endless great spirit world, and these will then cause by their influence also all kinds of movements and waves among men who still live on this Earth. Then one nation rises against the other, one teaching fights against the other, and this will continue for a&#160;long time until men will be led to the greatest possible life&#160;activity.</p>

<p>[17]&#160;<strong>As a result, it will then also become clearer and lighter among them</strong>. The apparent need makes them inventive and forces them in this manner to an ever greater and more orderly activity. Because of that, the nations will learn to know each other, who before hardly knew anything of each other, and in time they will become useful for each other, and in course of time the light will&#160;increase among them and will in the first place bring about a greater longing for an almost tangible proven truth of life.</p>

<p>[18]&#160;When finally the need will become more general and the people will be no more satisfied with the pure authoritative belief, which is all the time a cause of the dark and lazy superstition, <strong>then the time will have come to give them a great and tangible light of life, full of clearness and truth.</strong></p>

<p>[19]&#160;<strong>And look, a lot of people on the whole Earth who nowadays are as if seized by a deep sleep by all kinds of laziness and darkness of life, <span class="fbUnderline">must thus be led into a heavy stormy movement until they can be awakened after a long series of periods of time to a point where in this awakened condition they finally begin to feel what they are lacking</span>.</strong>”&#160;</p>

<p>(Great Gospel of John Book 20 Chap. 10.&#160;&#160;The order in the household of God)</p>

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After the Judgment of Epicures - The Second Coming of the Lord and the New Revelation

<p><em>In the following prophecies we are able to observe what carefully from both natural and spiritual perspective what will happen immediately before and at the Lord Second Coming and the relation of these events with the New Revelation.</em></p>

<p>“[5]&#160;<strong>The day of My 2nd coming will be as a lightning that goes from the east to the west, high in the clouded sky, and will illuminate everything that is under the sky</strong>. <strong>Before that will happen - as I have told you already several times - the Son of Man must still suffer many things</strong> and be rejected entirely by this generation, namely by the Jews and the Pharisees, <strong><span>and in later times by those who will be called the new Jews and Pharisees</span></strong>.</p>

<p>[6]&#160;As it happened during the time of Noah so it will happen in the time of the 2nd coming of the Son of Man. They ate and drank very cheerfully, they married and let themselves be given to marriage until the day that Noah climbed into the ark and the flood came and they all drowned. And it will happen in the same manner as during the time of Lot: they ate and drank, they bought and sold, and they planted and constructed. But on the day - as I have explained to you more in detail on the Mount of Olives - that Lot went out of Sodom it was already raining fire and sulfur from the sky, and they all perished by it.</p>

<p>[7]&#160;Now look, this is how it also will be and happen during the time when the Son of Man will be revealed again. Whoever will be on that day on the roof and knows that his household goods are in the house, let him not come down from the roof to get his household goods - which has to be understood as follows: he who really understands those things should stay with that understanding and not leave that level out of fear that by that he might lose worldly advantages, because those things will be destroyed.</p>

<p>[8]&#160;So also still another image: whoever is in the field (the freedom of understanding) should not turn around to what is behind him (old deceiving teachings and their rules), but should remember the wife of Lot, and should continue to strive forwards in the truth.</p>

<p>[9]&#160;I will still tell you more: during that same time there will be 2 in a mill and do the same work. The one will be accepted and the other left behind, which means: the honest worker will be accepted and the dishonest and selfish one will be left behind, because he who will try to keep his soul[5] because of the world, will lose it, but he who will lose it for the sake of the world will keep his life and will help him towards true eternal life.</p>

<p>[10]&#160;And still further, I say to you: in one and the same night of the soul, 2 people will lie in one and the same bed. Also then, the one&#160;will be accepted and the other left behind, which means: 2&#160;people will outwardly be in the sphere of one and the same confession of faith, but the one will be in the active living faith and will therefore be accepted in the living and lightful Kingdom of God, but the other will only adhere to the outer cult, which has no inner value for the life of the soul and the spirit, and will not be accepted in the living and lightful Kingdom of God, because his faith without the works of neighborly love is as it were dead.</p>

<p>[11]&#160;And further: there will be 2 people in the field of work. The one who will work without self-interest in the living faith out of love for God and out of love for his fellowman, will also be accepted in the true Kingdom of God. But the one who will work in the same field as the Pharisees without inner living faith out of pure self-interest, will obviously be left behind and will not be accepted in the living and lightful Kingdom of God.</p>

<p>[12]&#160;See, that is how it will be and happen during the 2nd coming the Son of Man, and this is how it will manifest itself. When&#160;in the&#160;future you will be permeated deeper with My Spirit, you will also clearly understand all that I have said now. At this moment however, I cannot explain it to you more clearly and more understandably."</p>

<p>[13]&#160;The disciples said: "Lord and Master, that is all right and we believe Your words, but where and when will it happen, counted according to earthly time? Surely, this You also can tell&#160;us."</p>

<p>(38.&#160;&#160;The 2nd coming of the Lord - GGJ&#160; Book 21)</p>




<p>"[2]&#160;At My second coming I will not be born somewhere as a child from a woman because this body will remain glorified in eternity - just as I in Spirit - and thus I do not ever need a 2nd body as you had in mind.</p>

<p>[3]&#160;First I will come invisibly in the clouds of the Heavens, which means: first I will come close to men by truthful seers, wise men and newly awakened prophets, and in that time also woman will prophecy and young men will have clear dreams by which they will announce My coming to the people, and many will listen to it&#160;and improve their life, but the world will call them daydreamers and will not believe them, as this was also the case with the prophets.</p>

<p>[4]&#160;<strong>So I also will awaken men from time to time to whom I will say by means of their heart to the pen, everything that now during My presence, is, happens and is being discussed. What will then be written once will in a short time of a few weeks and days be multiplied in many thousands of copies in a very artful manner which will be very well known by the people of that time, and so they can be conveyed to the people</strong>. And since the people of that time will almost generally know how to read and write, they also will be able to read and understand those new books themselves.</p>

<p>[5]&#160;<strong>In this way, the spreading of My teaching will then&#160;again <span>be given anew and pure from the Heavens to all men on&#160;the whole Earth</span>, much faster and effective than now by messengers in My name from mouth to mouth.</strong></p>

<p><strong>[6]&#160;Once My teaching will be brought in this manner among the people who are of good will and have a living faith, and when <span>at least </span></strong><strong><span>⅓</span></strong><strong><span> of the people will know about it</span></strong>, I will also personally, visibly and bodily, come to different places, to those who love Me most and have the greatest desire for My return, and who for that reason will also have full and living faith.</p>

<p>[7]&#160;<strong>And I Myself will form congregations out of them, against which no worldly power will be able to oppose or resist</strong>, <strong>for I will be their Commander-in-Chief and their eternal invincible Hero, and will administer justice to all dead and blind worldly people</strong>. And in this way I will cleanse the Earth of its old filth.</p>

<p>[8]&#160;However, during the time of those new seers and prophets <strong><span>there will be great misery and need among the people, as has never been before on this Earth</span></strong>, but for the sake of My chosen ones of that time it will only last for a short time, so that their development towards bliss will not be hindered.</p>

<p>[9]&#160;But in this land where I am now persecuted by the Jews of the temple as a criminal from one village to the other, and which is trampled down by dark heathens, I will personally not first act, teach and comfort the weak again. <strong>But in the lands of another continent that is now inhabited by heathens I will establish a new Kingdom, a Kingdom of peace, of unity, of love and of continuous living faith</strong>. Fear for the death of the body will no more exist among the people who walk in My light and who will always be in contact with the angels of Heaven and associate with them. Here you have now a real answer to your question."</p>

<p>[10]&#160;The scribe said: "Thus, Asia, the old cradle of mankind and of many blessings from God, will not be fortunate anymore to see and hear You when You will return to this Earth? This is truly not a happy news for this continent."</p>

<p>[11]&#160;I said: "The Earth belongs to Me everywhere, and I know in which place My return will be most beneficial for the whole Earth. <strong>At that time however, men will be able to contact each other from one end of the Earth to the other, and this as fast as the lightning that strikes from a cloud.</strong> And through the use of the spirits that are bound in the fire and the water they will, riding on iron roads, cover the greatest distances on Earth, faster than the heaviest storms that drive from one end of the Earth to the other. And the ships will, by means of these same powers, cross the big ocean in a much shorter time than now the Romans from Rome to Egypt. <strong><span>So&#160;then it will be possible to spread the message of My personal return in a very short time over the whole Earth, and thus also to&#160;Asia.</span></strong></p>

<p>[12]&#160;But then there is again the question: will the blind and deaf heathens of this continent also believe it?</p>

<p>[13]&#160;I think and say: this will hardly be possible before it will be purified by a great worldly judgment.</p>

<p>[14]&#160;There is a big country, far in the west that is surrounded on all sides by the great world oceans and which is, across the sea, nowhere in connection with the old world. <strong>From that country, first the people will come to know great things, and they will also come up in the west of Europe, and from that, there will be a bright shining and a shining in return. The lights of the Heavens will meat each other, recognize and support each other.</strong></p>

<p>[15]&#160;<strong><span>Out of these lights, the sun of life will develop - thus the new,&#160;perfect Jerusalem - and in that sun I will come back to this Earth.</span></strong> And now we have talked enough about what will happen in&#160;the&#160;future." &#160;(62.&#160;&#160;The return of the Lord - GGJ&#160; Book 21)</p>




<p><em>One possible simple understanding of the following revelations concerning the Second Coming is that once the earth will be purified by the fire of the poor that will change the social order worldwide, the spiritual enlighten of humanity will continue in preparation for Lord’s Second Coming. However, as we can read in the following excerpts this will involve the spreading of His new, pure teaching (NR) across the world, then the opposition and rejection of the new Jews (Christians) and Pharisees (Christian priests), the spiritual division caused by it between people inside of nations, groups and families and finally, when at least 1/3 of humanity will know about it the personal coming of the Lord to His people gathered in communities, who will become able to perceive Him spiritually and follow Him as their sole leader. </em></p>

<p><em>However we must not forget that we can never approach the true complexity of Lord’s teaching, which has infinite meanings and which is accessible to us only from a natural-spiritual perspective.</em></p>

<p><em>Still, it is obvious from these texts that the Second Coming is closely related to the destiny of the NR in these end times, fact which cannot surprise us, for the Lord says about it…</em></p>

<p><strong>"For the pure&#160; word is a light and in itself the greatest sign of signs and the greatest miracle of all miracles.” &#160;(Great Gospel of John VIII 154:4)</strong></p>


<p><em>Let’s now remember why the Lord gave us the New Revelation…</em></p>

<p><strong>"The reason why I am now giving out so much of the bread of heaven, as has never happened since the day I walked on earth, is that now indeed the time is approaching when the world reaches the culmination of its aberrations and deviation from My plan of creation."</strong> (Lord’ Sermons, 16)</p>


<p><em>Then, what it means not being able to recognize God’s direct word… </em></p>

<p><strong>“Everyone should strive above all to gain the highest possible knowledge of God. Whoever does not recognize God properly can never fully believe in Him, let alone love Him above all and, consequently, can never fully receive God’s spirit.” (The Great Gospel of John VI 227;18-19)</strong></p>


<p><em>Finally, when speaking of the New Revelation, any true believer can observe that there is much work to be done in this field, so… what are the seeders doing?</em></p>

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The Parable of the Landowner. The poor are Lord's children's everywhere, the rich mostly are world's children


<p><strong><br type="_moz" />

</strong>&#160; "[1]THE Pharisees, the usurers who always know how to safely lend their large quantity of gold and silver against high interest rates to other big estate agents and usurers, and then spoil and maliciously squander their high lending interests to whores and falsely swearing adulteresses, and when poor and needy people come to them, they say: ‘Turn to God, He will help you, for we are poor ourselves and must beg’ – those will later have it very hard to give an account to Me.</p>

<p>&#160; [2] Such false servants of God, who preach to the people about love for God and fellowman which they themselves never practiced, are to Me the worst sinners and offenders and will receive their reward for it in the beyond from the prince of Hell whom they served, because such fornicators, adulterers, usurers, revelers, and with that the greatest blasphemer of God, will not enter My Kingdom. So do not take their example.</p>

<p>&#160; [3] How can one of you say to his fellowman: ‘In your need, turn to God who loves you above all. He will help you’, when he himself does not believe in God and does really not love Him above all.</p>

<p>&#160; [4] <strong>The one who already does not love his needy fellowman whom he can see, how shall he love God above all whom he does not see? Love for God on the part of man is determined by the love for his fellowman. The one who says that for one’s salvation it is only necessary to love God above all, but then closes his heart and door for his poor fellowman, is in great error because love for God is without love for fellowman eternally not thinkable and also not possible. So love your fellowman, because they are just like you God’s children, then by doing so you will also love God above all.</strong></p>

<p>&#160; [5] Look, once there was a very rich landowner who had a lot of possessions, and everyone who was in his service had a good life. That landowner had also many children whom he loved and whom he sent to worldly schools, so that they should become experienced men.</p>

<p>&#160; [6] But he only gave what was most necessary for them in the worldly schools, so that they would not indulge and become lazy and then unsuitable to manage his possessions.</p>

<p>&#160; [7] These children were not so well off in those worldly schools, and they often had a real poor subsistence and not seldom they asked strange people for alms.</p>

<p>&#160; [8] Some of the people they contacted said: ‘Oh, you have a very rich father. Contact him, he will help you’, and they did not give anything to the children.</p>

<p>&#160; [9] A few others thought however within their softer heart within themselves: ‘We know that the father of these children is very rich and he would like to help his children who study here, but he must have very wise reasons not to do so, and these children with us are clearly suffering and in need and we will help them the best we can.’ And what they thought they also did.</p>

<p>&#160; [10] After some time, the very rich landowner himself came to that foreign worldly city where his children had to acquire various knowledge and experience, and he took detailed information as to who showed love to his children.</p>

<p>&#160; [11] And look, the children brought their father to all the places where love had been shown to them, and the father rewarded the benefactors of his children a hundred times and took the greatest benefactors with him on his possessions and treated them as his own children.</p>

<p>&#160; [12] Look, here before you stands in Me that landowner. <strong>The poor in this world are truly My children everywhere. The rich however are mostly the children of this world</strong>.</p>

<p>&#160; [13] In order that My children would not indulge, I let them also in this hard – but for them extremely beneficial – school of life to suffer need. And in their need they come to the rich of the world. What these will do for My children, I also will do for them, and I will reward them already here manifold and in My Kingdom endlesslyfold.</p>

<p>&#160; [14] So the one who has the love of the children by his love for the children, has also the love of the Father and has acquired by that the eternal reward. Do you now understand what it means to love God above all?”</p>

<p>(GGJ, Book 24, chp. 22)</p>

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After talking to a kind New Age believer...

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<p>Our challenges in these troubled End Times are greater than ever... Many people are increasingly eager for spirituality but usually just stick with the mixture of superstition and truth given by institutionalized religions or chose some good looking, but very dangerous New Age stuff. To get them out of their preconceptions in order to have at least a small glance to the overwhelming picture of the divine love given in the New Revelation, might require unusual patience and diplomacy.</p>

<p>To make them understand that behind the "contracts with God"offered by the priests or behind the compassionate communication of a "Galactic Federation representative", stands a very clever algorithm to develop the ego and block any true feeling of love for the true God, might be one very difficult enterprise. So, we might start to practice more often this art of gently guiding the souls toward the Lord using no other miracle but the greatest one, which, according to Himself, is exactly this direct word of His. Otherwise, there&#39;s no chance that we would ever master it and consequently, bring the expected good fruits ... Thus, this most incredible talent given to us as a pledge of great trust and responsibility will end up buried and thus, will once bring us not joy, but many tears.</p>

<p><strong>"The reason why I am now giving out so much of the bread of heaven, as has never happened since the day I walked on earth, is that now indeed the time is approaching when the world reaches the culmination of its aberrations and deviation from My plan of creation." </strong>(Lord’ Sermons, 16)</p>

<p><strong>“Whoever is destined for life on earth, shall be awakened to life through My word.”</strong></p>

<p>(The Great Gospel of John IX 148:12)</p>

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The Promise of the Lord (chap. from The Household of God 1)

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<p>"29. And now, you blind scribe of this My new and living Word within you, as also within all of you, look at Adam what he was like in Paradise. He was a perfect man, with one exception, endowed with many abilities, a perfect lord of the earth. All his perfections were but a gift from Me and he kept them until the time when he just once forgot Me, after the angel had become invisible to his eyes.</p>

<p>30. And behold, all that which Adam possessed as a gift will I give all of you as a permanent gift and countless more and endlessly greater treasures, that is, Myself. And all that is Mine shall be yours too if you love Me, and nothing but love Me!</p>

<p>31. But where is your love for which I paid such a high price and which I would like to call Mine forever? Oh, there is not much of it left on earth! It is so easy and so gentle, but you do not want it and do not seek it where it is waiting for you and reject the high prize it holds." (The Householf of God, chp. 11)</p>


<p>Chapter 12 THE PROMISE OF THE LORD</p>

<p>"1. Oh, you children of Adam, why would you not rather become My children? How much effort and hard work it costs you to obtain the bread of Adam which drips from the sweat of your hands and is soiled by the drivel of serpents and soaked by the poison of adders and through which you in your immoderation eat yourselves into temporal and then also eternal death!</p>

<p>2. And My bread is spread with the honey of My love and soaked in the milk of the forever tree life out of Me. You could eat it with the greatest enjoyment and it would never harm you, but instead strengthen you and endow you with all the might and power out of Me for all eternity and already temporally, if you would only accept it. Behold, soon after My greatest act, which is the great work of salvation for you, the price for this My bread was still very high and people could buy it only in small quantities and that only through the sacrifice of their blood and physical life for Me. At that time this My bread tasted bitter in the mouths of the buyers and was not yet spread with the honey of love and soaked in the milk of free life already temporally, but both, the honey and the milk were given the grieving buyers in the right measure only in the realm of spirits. Nevertheless there were buyers in great numbers.</p>

<p>3. But now when I give it freely with honey and milk to everyone who wants it for the only very small reward of your love, now it is bitterly scorned and the great and kind Giver, who is surely and truly full of the greatest love for you, is rejected.</p>

<p>4. Know this: Now I have the gates of My heavens wide open. Whoever wishes to enter, let him do so, but let him come soon, let him come at once, for the Great Time of Grace has come and the New Jerusalem is descending to all of you upon the earth in order that all who love Me may take up residence where they will become satisfied with the honey and milk- soaked bread and shall drink their fill of the pure water of life which they shall draw in abundance from the eternal Jacob&#39;s well.</p>

<p>5. However, while the descent of My great city will be a boundless grace for all My children, it will on the oilier hand crush the blind and squash the deaf with its strong walls. For it will be large enough to cover the entire face of the earth. And whoever will not see it descending and will not perceive its rushing through the clear atmosphere of the earth, will no longer find a place on earth where to hide from it and escape being crushed.</p>

<p>6. For behold, the weight of its palaces will crush the mountains leveling them with the valleys, and I will place its houses over sloughs and bogs and all the scum existing therein shall be crushed completely by the foundations of the houses of the great city of God, your holy Father in heaven and on earth.</p>

<p>7. And the true Shepherd will call His sheep and they shall hear and recognize His voice to the ends of the earth. Then they will come and happily graze in the vast pastures of the Father, which are the great gardens of the new holy city of the Great King of all nations that were, are and will forever be.</p>

<p>8. These gardens will be the Paradise lost through Adam, which I, as the First, have found again and faithfully kept for them as an eternal mansion.</p>

<p>9. This is the reason why I have shown you in all detail My great household from eternity, have shown you My creation and how the first man came into existence. I will further show him to you to the end of his days and will show you the great whore and the destroyed Babylon, and then I will lead you into My great holy city and there give you a permanent home for all eternity, if you love Me above all, as I love you.</p>

<p>10. Behold the heavens and the earth! One day they will pass away physically and will exist only spiritually. But every one of My words, which are spoken to, you will remain as it has come from My mouth, both physically and spiritually, in all the might and power of holiness forever and ever. Amen."</p>

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858   54 years ago
The original sin of self-love

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<p>&#160;(The Lord:) [4] “By the enemy who keeps sowing the weeds among the pure wheat is, therefore, meant the old self-love, and in its wake, well-known to you, the weeds, and in a broader sense the sum total of all matter, falsehood, Satan, devil.</p>

<p>[4] But My word is the noble grain of wheat, and your free will is the field in which I, as the sower, am sowing the purest grain of My eternal order.</p>

<p>[6] Do not submit to self-love, but fight it with the sharp sword of true, unselfish love for Me and for your fellowman, and you will keep the field free of all weeds and will once enter into My kingdom as a precious fruit yourselves.</p>

<p>[10] And now I shall for a short time open your eyes, so that you can see for yourselves all I have just explained to you.” (GGJ IV, chp. 108)<a href=""><img width="180" src="" alt="" /></a></p>


510   54 years ago
An appeal to the rich and powerful of the world

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<p>To you…&#160; the blindest</p>

<p>Powerful of the world,</p>

<p>Trading the destinies of God’s sons and daughters</p>

<p>For your own self destructive pleasures and interests,</p>

<p>Cherishing the things of the world that soon die</p>

<p>Thus loving the death that force its way in your eternal soul…</p>


<p>To you… the blindest</p>

<p>Players in the game of power and fortune,</p>

<p>Incessantly burying the voice of your godly conscience</p>

<p>While spreading the shadows of your suffocating dark will…</p>

<p>Enjoying your superficial humanity in close circles of friends and family</p>

<p>While contributing to the suffering and misery of countless true brothers …</p>


<p>To you… the blindest</p>

<p>Fragile believers in your own deity</p>

<p>Running from the awareness that your superficial game is one of utmost despair</p>

<p>That you’re not masters, but puppets that need to make less than puppets from others</p>

<p>In order to confirm you’re much worthy of breathing</p>


<p>To you… lost children of the same Father</p>

<p>A call to wake up and make peace with your conscience</p>

<p>To make peace with your unavoidable dependence</p>

<p>To understand that all that truly belongs to you was not obtained, but given</p>

<p>For you couldn’t make nor stop your body from appearing in the world</p>

<p>Nor build other path for it than the one ending in death…</p>

<p>A call to search in your heart if each of these brothers of yours lying in dust</p>

<p>Is or is not equal to you in the eyes of the creator</p>

<p>And if your heart doesn’t answer, to just force your clever mind to admit infinity</p>

<p>And see He can easily create and manage and love billions of creations</p>

<p>Which look like atoms before His infinity in all possible dimensions</p>

<p>While you cannot even conceive the numbers…</p>


<p>A call to search in your heart if infinite love can have limits in power and wisdom</p>

<p>Or limits in Its compassion for every created being</p>

<p>Or limits in Its capacity to sacrifice</p>

<p>For each one of these, including you</p>

<p>Poor sick soul, more dead than alive,</p>

<p>having no eyes and years and heart for It</p>

<p>because of the cold world of self-centered lies you indulge in…</p>


<p>A call to you, powerful of the world</p>

<p>Who by your own free choice</p>

<p>Made yourselves the poorest ones in His holy sight</p>

<p>But who still</p>

<p>By your own free choice</p>

<p>Can make yourselves good, so you can observe His goodness</p>

<p>Can make yourselves patient, so you can understand His patience</p>

<p>Can make yourselves free of the miserable self-love, so your heart can be embrace by His divine one</p>

<p>And give-up hell, to taste and enjoy His true life - the only eternal …</p>

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The Second Coming of the Lord

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<p>Excerpt of The revealed work "The Great Gospel of John", vol. 9 chapter 23.</p>

<p>"[3] If men go too much astray and become entangled in the enticements of the world and think that they only exist to provide themselves, as sensible and thinking human beings, of all imaginable pleasures from the world that is richly equipped with all kinds of things, and if they do not discover the real purpose why they have been put into the world and who put them into the world, then there can be no question of a real, higher revelation of God and His will of love. That can only take place when men begin to think due to all kinds of need and misery, at least up to the point that they will ask: `Why actually did we have to come into this miserable world, and why must we actually let ourselves be tormented and tortured unto our certain death, which is the miserable ending of our despair?&#39;</p>

<p>[4] Then the moment has come on which God will again reveal Himself to men, first by the mouth of awakened men, and by other signs, but also by all sorts of judgment over those people who became rich and mighty, proud and loveless and very arrogant through all kinds of lies and deceptions and the suppression of the poor and the weak - people who do not think anymore about any God themselves and still less have any faith in their heart, but who only throw themselves into all the pleasures of the world, run over the poor and who do not even consider them anymore to have the value of a human being but only of a simple animal.</p>

<p>[5] Once the measure among men on the world will be full, a great judgment will come, and together with that, also a great, direct revelation from God to men who in their heart will still believe in God and who have thus also kept the love for Him and their fellowman.</p>

<p>[6] Then those who deny God and the proud deceivers and suppressors will be wiped off the surface of the Earth, and those who believe and the poor will be raised up and be enlightened from the Heavens, as this is the case now, and as it will be the case again later in almost 2000 years."</p>

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1338   54 years ago
The great value of a PROMISE

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<p>"[1] DO not ever promise a person something you then cannot or – even worse – do not wish to keep for whatever reasons, if you truly want to become children of God. In truth, I tell you, the worst thing is a promise that is not kept.</p>

<p>[2] For the one who is angry sins within himself and harms first himself. Who practices lewdness buries his soul in the judgment of the flesh and again harms himself, but the evil of evils is the lie.</p>

<p>[3] If you have promised to do something for a person and circumstances arise that make it impossible for you to keep your promise, do go to him without delay and tell him honestly what has happened to you, so that he can help himself at the proper time in some other way to overcome some difficulty.</p>

<p>[4] But woe betide everyone who makes promises and does not keep them, even if he could do so, for thereby he causes far-reaching trouble. The one who expected his help cannot fulfill his duty, and the hands of those who relied on him are tied, and thus such a broken promise can cause greatest embarrassment and distress to thousands. Therefore, a promise that is not kept is the thing most opposed to the love of one’s neighbor and, therefore, the greatest of evils.</p>

<p>[5] It is better to have a hard heart because that will not raise any deceptive hopes with anyone. One knows that nothing can be expected of a hard-hearted person and, therefore, other means are sought for the preservation of the necessary order. But if someone expects something that was promised to him, he abstains from seeking other ways and means, and when the time comes that the business of the one expecting help has to be attended to and the one who promised him lets him down and does not tell him in advance that for some reason, which must of course be absolutely true, he will not be able to keep his promise, such promiser is like Satan who from the very beginning made mankind brilliant promises through his prophets none of which he has ever kept, thereby plunging numerous people into misery.</p>

<p>[6] Therefore, beware above all of such promises which you cannot keep and, even worse, for whatever reasons do not want to keep, for that is the attitude of the chief of devils.</p>

<p>[7] Be loving and righteous in all things, for in the Father’s Kingdom the righteous once shall shine as the sun at noon."</p>

<p>(The Great Gospel of John through Jakob Lorber, Book 2, chap. 98)</p>

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Why didn't the Pharisees recognize Jesus?

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<p>"[13] What a most humble witness John bears before the priests and Levites, since he quite aware who had come to the Earth in Christ. But what is that to the so worldly wise priesthood. They ignored John’ truest testimony, for they did not care for a humble, poor and unpretentious Messiah, but wanted one to whom everyone would succumb in fear and terror.</p>

<p>[14] At &#160;his &#160;first &#160;appearance &#160;– &#160;naturally nowhere &#160;else &#160;but &#160;in Jerusalem &#160;– &#160;descending &#160;visibly &#160;from &#160;Heaven &#160;shining &#160;more brilliantly than the sun, accompanied by myriads of angels and taking residence only in the temple, the Messiah would have to immediately abolish and destroy all the then existing potentates, also promptly render the Jews completely immortal, provide them with all the money on Earth and fling at least some hundreds of apparently superfluous mountains with thunderous noise into the sea, at the same time also executing the poor, dirty rabble. Then they would have &#160;believed in Him and said: ‘Lord, you are so terribly strong and mighty. All have to bow deeply before you and throw themselves into the dust, and the high priest is not worthy to unloose your shoe’s latchets.’</p>

<p>[15] But Christ came to Earth quite poor, insignificant apparently weak, did not work any sign before the eyes of the prominent for almost 30 years. He worked hard as a carpenter with Joseph and frequented the company of the lower classes. How could, in the eyes of the proud and so very wise Jews, &#160;that be the so long awaited Messiah? Away with such a blasphemer, such a magician who accomplishes his feats with the help of the chief devil. Such an uncouth and vulgar carpenter who somewhere with the help of Satan has learnt to practice magic, who walks about barefoot, is a friend to the lowest rabble and walks around with them, accepts harlots and eats and drinks in the &#160;company of publicly known sinners thereby plainly opposing the law, - how could he possibly be the Christ, the promised Messiah?</p>

<p>[16] This was the opinion of the eminent and wise Jews about Me during My full presence in the flesh on Earth. And exactly the same view is still today held concerning Me by millions, who will on no account even hear of a meek, condescending God who keeps His word.</p>

<p>[17] Firstly, their God has to dwell high above the firmament and because of His infinite sublimity hardly exists. He is not expected to create lesser things than suns if He wants to be a worthy God. Secondly, He may not dare to &#160;assume any form, least of all a human form, but has to be some incomprehensible absurdity.</p>

<p>[18] Thirdly, if Christ could possibly be God, He may make Himself known through the inner, living word only to members of the profession, to certain societies, councils, extraordinary pietists, zealots surrounded by a &#160;so-called halo and models of virtue, promptly endowing such a blessed one with the power to move mountains. Otherwise there cannot exist any divine messages or revelations by Christ.</p>

<p>[19] The Lord Jesus may never make Himself known to a layman or even a sinner, for in such a case the revelation is already under suspicion and is not accepted, just as I Myself was not accepted by the eminent Jews, because in their proud and ambitious eyes My appearing was by far not sufficiently divine and noble. However, that does not matter. What matters is only John’s testimony.</p>

<p>[20] The world does not change and continues to be the desert of Bethabara where John bore witness. -But I, too, do not change and keep coming to men &#160;to &#160;suppress their pride and enliven true humility and love in the same way as when I came to the Jews. Blessed are those who recognize and accept &#160;Me as did John according to his testimony about Me before the eyes and ears of the proud priests and Levites greatly annoying them." (The Great Gospel&#160; of John - through Jakob Lorber, Book 1, chap 5)</p>

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