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Matt: 11:28 .. Come unto me all you that are heavy laden ...

Ever have that home sick feeling , and you are already home? You are probably being paged by your heavenly Father. More than likely that's his Spirit wooing you to come into his presence. When I accepted Christ as a young boy, I remember having that feeling, even when I was home or had no reason to have it. As a child it can make one uncomfortable, and even sick , if one has it bad enough. It can effect your eating and other activities as well. If your home life was good or not so good, I believe it effects all of us at one stage or another to be home sick. I finally perceived it was my Lord calling me to pray. Many times out of ignorance, we will try and fill that feeling with things, activities, and even company, passing it off as loneliness. In the day we live in, we simply feel we do not have time to "go pray". Next time you get that homesick feeling and do not see a reason for it, go talk to your heavenly Father. He really wants to hear from you. The answers we seek are a prayer away

God bless you on your journey !


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