be quiet

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137   2 years ago
graceunlimited | 1 subscriber
137   2 years ago
I have a TON of short poems that I've written but I never released. I also know I don't put out of enough poetry on here, so I figured I'd start dropping some minute or less poems. This poem is a pretty depressing. I have a lot of those. But not depressing in a negative way. Just depressing in that it comes from a very sober thinking about life, death, and humility. Some of us will talk ourselves to death: literally. It will be an odd thing to go to the funeral of someone who talks ALL THE TIME and see them there.... quiet. The irony. This is first a message to myself before anyone | | 50 Sunset AveUnit 92157 Atlanta, GA 30314SPEAKING/BOOKINGWant to bring Joe out to speak at an event or perform music and poetry? Fill out this form. NERD INFOSony A7s iiRode VideoMic ProEdited on Final Cut Pro XGraded in ColorFinale FCPX plugin
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