Responding to Our Kids When They Disobey - SKIT

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364   2 years ago
Some examples of ways to respond to our children respectfully, with self-control, dignity, and poise even when they do not obey.This video doesn't begin to address every possible scenario a mom might face with her children. It is a very general video about run-of-the-mill initial disobedience in children of various ages. If a child continues to be defiant, a mom may have to add additional things to her approach.Of course, it works best when we are firm, consistent, loving, and honoring dad's leadership, as well. We need well-thought out consequences that we apply every time that are appropriate and effective for each particular child at each particular age. Sometimes, it is very helpful to pray over our children even in the middle of the issue. And sometimes we may need additional resources for the more difficult situations.Check out the parenting resources at Focus on the Family for more info on discipline
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