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715   5 years ago
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715   5 years ago
Video Song “Dance for Jesus” For those that feel the world is beating them down and want a reason to rejoice!

Feel and live the excitement about Jesus forgiving our debt and make that your attitude all the time!

Think about it, no other person can offer us saving grace to remove our sins!

No other prophet or man has ever walked the earth who has offered anything like what Jesus offers by redeeming us from our slavery and our sinful additions and passions!

All other men and prophets offer nothing to their followers except slavery and devotion to them!

At some time before Jesus goes to the cross as recorded in John 9, He heals a man that was blind from birth!

The man confesses to everyone that doubted and declares that “…since the beginning of time there has never been a man healed like me that was born blind ever!” And the response from the religious leaders was that they wanted to kill Jesus!

And then a few days before Jesus actually goes to the cross, He raised a man Lazarus back to life that was dead for four days! See John 11 & 12.

And what do the religious people of the time want to do? They wanted to kill Jesus and also kill Lazarus because they were afraid the Romans would take their positions of authority away from them!

Mankind can either recognize that they are sinners and accept Jesus or die in their sins!

All my songs have a biblical message and a variety of beats and rhythms so that each song is different and one cannot easy match my style to another artist! No two songs are alike!

Friends keep the video alive and share it with others to enjoy!
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