Mega Church Pastor TD Jakes' Endorsement of Yoga at Potter's House Sparks Debate


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In an August 13th Christian Post article titled “Serita Jakes’ Endorsement of Yoga at Potter’s House Sparks Debate,” popular pastor T.D. Jakes’ wife is reportedly promoting Yoga to congregants at Jake’s church. The CP article begins:

Serita Jakes, wife of popular televangelist Bishop T.D. Jakes, has reignited debate over the practice of yoga among Christians after she shared a series of photos showing members of a women’s group at The Potter’s House of Dallas enjoying a “taste of yoga” as a part of a healthy living endeavor. . . .

CP reports that Serita Jakes posted comments about Yoga in their church on Instagram, which CP states”sparked debate with critics saying it’s wrong for Christians to practice yoga.”

The CP article also quotes a “group of Christians who support yoga called Christians Practicing Yoga.” But what is most interesting about this article, from our perspective, is the following statement: “Well-known evangelical theologian John Piper expressed his opposition to yoga, calling it ‘antithetical’ to Christianity.”

The fact that Christian Post turns to John Piper to obtain a quote from someone who opposes Christians doing Yoga is yet another example of how Christian media, for the most part, is completely in the dark about the mystical paradigm shift that has occurred in evangelical Christianity, largely coming through the avenue of contemplative prayer (i.e., spiritual formation); and ironically, the door that contemplative prayer opened is the door that is allowing Yoga into the church. If the Christian Post understood the dynamics (and the dangers) of contemplative prayer (and its strong connection, in nature, to Yoga), they wouldn’t turn to someone who promotes contemplative prayer (Piper) for a quote opposing Christians doing Yoga. It would be like someone willingly opening the door for a thief to come in and everyone blaming the thief but not the guy who opened the door in the first place. Like that guy, contemplative prayer is not being held responsible for its primary role in the crime.
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