✡ Israel - The True Jewish Dream

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464   2 years ago
This production of this video was made possible by donations from viewers like you. Please help us continue our efforts by donating: http://www.sinaispeak.com/donate/The Jewish People are supposed to be a Light Unto the Nations, yet Ultimately the goal is for all to return to Israel for the coming of Moshiach. If all the Jews are in one place, how can they be a Light Unto the Nations? How can their Light reach the rest of the world?WANT more videos just like this?Donate to Sinai Speak: http://jewcer.com/project/sinai-speak...Facebook: http://facebook.com/sinaispeakhttp://SinaiSpeak.comTwitter: http://twitter.com/SinaiSpeakRabbi Benzion Klatzko reconciles the two questions providing a meaningful insight as to how to accomplish both.Personal: http://www.shabbat.comRabbi Benzion Klatzko is an ordained rabbi, a music producer, successful author, and a Mohel. Dubbed the “Hollywood Rabbi,” for years Rabbi K delivered a popular monthly class in Jewish thought to many of Hollywood’s biggest stars. Rabbi K was a regular face at UCLA, opening Jewish programs throughout Southern California. After living in Los Angeles for many years, Rabbi Klatzko now lives in New York with his wife and 11 beautiful children. Even the United States House of Representatives has recognized Rabbi K as a “Distinguished Gentleman making a Difference to his Community!”Today, Rabbi Klatzko is a radio talk show host (97.5FM) and a motivational speaker who travels the country inspiring Jewish students to re-connect to their heritage. Rabbi Klatzko also works with Morasha Olami, funding Jewish trips and experiences, and works closely with organizations which have dedicated millions of dollars toward Jewish identity. His latest project, Shabbat.com is now the world’s largest Jewish social network, helping people find Shabbat in 100 countries, as well as find their soul-mate and even a job.
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