Funny Church Skits: Between Two Buckets Interview with Jacob

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http://www.vivalaverve.orgFunny Church Skits: Between Two Buckets Interview with JacobAre you looking for a Christian Church in Las Vegas? Church for people who don’t like church. Do you like to laugh? Verve Church, has been referred to as the Saturday Night Live of Churches. If you like humor, and church, you’ll like out church skits. They have a unique perspective on the Bible. Verve creates a fun non-judgmental atmosphere. Yeah, we are funny too!Verve Church 7850 Dean Martin Drive, Suite 503, Las Vegas, NV 89139Want to follow us on Twitter? to follow us on facebook? to know more about out Pastor, Vince Antonucci?http://vinceantonucci.comWe are not just a funny church, we take ourselves lightly while taking God seriously.Vince is the author of five books, including: God for the Rest of Us, I Became a Christian and All I Got was this Lousy T-shirt, Renegade: Your Faith Was Not Meant to Be Safe and Guerrilla Lovers.This church is unique, they even had a reality show God for the Rest of Us reality show air on TBN.Looking for help in a specific area? Hear Vince’s:Sermons on changeSermons on faithSermons on fearSermons on relationshipsSermons on the Holy SpiritSermons on marriageSermons on forgivenessSermons on healingSermons on loveSermons on depressionSermons on commitmentSermons on choicesSermons on creationSermons on depressionSermons on FinancesSermons on moneyYou’ll also find:Sermons about the chruchSermons about relationshipsSermons about trusting GodSermons about marriageSermons about being singleSermons about faithSermons about datingSermons about faithSermons about prayerSermons about forgivenessSermons on ChurchFunny Church Videos & Funny Church Skits.Vince has sermons to men, sermons for women.Verve church in Las Vegas like to make it fun. God gave us the gift of laughter. We use it! Check out our funny church videos.On this YouTube channel your find some of Vince’s best sermons ever.Our creative team help make this a funny church. Laughter is one of God’s gift so why not enjoy laughs at church. Love music? We are not just a funny church, We are not just about laughter and God, Verve has an incredibly talented band. You’ll hear some of the most amazing voices and musicians in Las Vegas.Join us at Verve. No perfect people allowed!Church folks gotta laugh too.http://www.
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