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1590   1 year ago
graceunlimited | 1 subscriber
1590   1 year ago
Every human on this planet struggles from one problem or the other, owing to which they lose peace of mind in their lives. Everyone tries to overcome them but many a times in vain. Majority of the people today watch movies in order they could forget their problems at least for some time. Movies take us to a different world due to which people like to watch them time and again. Once the movie is over, the lives are back to normal with struggles and problems. Worldly movies may give peace but only for three hours, but spiritual / godly movies would give eternal peace. The desires of this world would perish but the word of god remains forever. We are here to show you the practical sides of life and the struggles / problems everyone undergo in their lives and we would also give the spiritual solutions for the same from the Bible through movies as the medium. We hope our effort would certainly help you in giving solution to your problems and grant you peace of mind.Please Pray for Our ministry...web: www.lightsmission.comfb:
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