Exposing the SDA Mark of the Beast (666) Deception

283   4 months ago
JesusRevolution | 2 subscribers
283   4 months ago
Seventh Day Adventists have been taught that the Mark of the Beast is doing anything holy on Sundays while the prophecy from The Book of Revelation says the Mark of the Beast is for buying and selling. Now that an RFID human implantable microchip is being marketed and sold in its thousands, SDA members are being forced to choose between holding on to their pet doctrine or changing to conform to the truth. While many SDA's now claim that they would object to taking an RFID chip, this video explores the likelihood that they will give in by taking it. That's if they choose to hold on to their false doctrine that Sunday Law is the Mark of the Beast, while refusing to consider that microchip implants for buying and selling are the actual Mark of the Beast. What do you think the Mark of the Beast is? Isn't it worth getting this issue right?!

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