Paulina Zoetebier with House of Heroes Worship: Come Holy Spirit

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443   4 months ago
Come Holy Spirit (with Lyrics) // Paulina Zoetebier with House of Heroes Worship // Myanmar Choir
Vocals: Paulina Zoetebier, Mattheus van der Steen, David Suum, Ciin Kham, GMF Choir Netherlands & Myanmar lead by Paulina Zoetebier
Saxophone: Jeroen Dijkhuizen // Guitar: Glenn Witterland
Bass: Sergio Leeflang // Drums: Joel Slagtand
Piano: Stefan van den Born
Mixing & mastering: Jeroen Dijkhuizen
Filmed by: United7

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Written by Caroline Tjen (City Harvest Church)

Come Holy Spirit, fall on me now
I need your anointing, come in Your power
I love You Holy Spirit
You captivated my soul
and everyday I grow to love You more

I'm reaching for Your heart
You hold my life in Your hand
Drawing me closer to You
I feel Your power renewed

Nothing compares to this place
Where I can see You face to face
I worship You in spirit and in truth

I worship You in spirit and in truth (3x)
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