The World Is Being Deceived By A Flood of Lies!


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The world is being deceived by conspiracy theorists who are masquerading as prophets, and the people who should be most on guard against this deception are actually spreading the deception themselves. Confusion abounds, and the majority of the world (including millions of professing Christians) are being drowned in this flood of lies. But there is a way you can escape it, and become a beacon of light to anyone who is sincerely seeking the Truth.


Produced by: Felix
Narrated by: Felipe
Written by: Dave

What is "A Voice in the Desert"?

A Voice in the Desert is anonymous. Its purpose is to point people to the message, rather than the messenger. Most modern day prophets promote themselves more than the teachings of Jesus and the true message of Revelation. A Voice in the Desert challenges that error and more. Some of the things you hear on this channel may be difficult to understand, and may offend you. The goal, however, is to sweep away dogmas and traditions to reveal what Jesus actually taught.

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