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943   4 years ago
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943   4 years ago
There is no way to fear both God and man. It is either one or the other. Either God’s Word defines you, His truth molds you, and His standard is your focus...or the word of the world defines you, its claims mold you, and its standards are where your gaze is fixed. There is no in between:) when I try to meet the standards, claims, and mold of the world, I find myself apologizing constantly for everything I do simply because I never feel like it is good enough and always feel like I am letting people down and not meeting their expectations. Trying to meet the standards of the world is exhausting. I am run down and drained as I run myself ragged trying to please all and appear as though I have it all together while in the meantime I am forgetting who I am because I am letting myself be defined by the approval and good opinions of people. And no matter the brand of clothes I buy, or the accolades I achieve-when I do it for a pat on the back, I am ultimately left empty. Today it’s straight hair, tomorrow it’s curly, today it’s thick eyebrows and tomorrow it’s thin, today it’s this and tomorrow it’s that. This world is temporary and along with that comes temporary standards and shifting trends. But:)
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