A Near Death Experience - A Talk with God and "Stop Breathing My Air How I Survived the Covid Isolation Room)


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1176   2 years ago
cipherkam | 1 subscriber
1176   2 years ago
I was a gym teacher and gym rat, on my way to almost perfect health and bamn!
Out of nowhere I fell on my face and lost consciousness for a while
This is to make a long story short.
I was rushed to the emergency room and then to the Covid ICU Isolation Respiratory Room
As my lungs were damaged, I lost a lot of oxygen and was incoherent for the most part
I had a near death experience, but I prayed to God and I fought the good fight
It was almost a more psychological challenge than a physical challenge being in this room.
I kept saying to myself, “They are not gonna make me coo coo”.
After a month in Isolation, I am out now
This is my story

Stop Breathing My Air
How I survived the Covid Isolation Room
Kamal Imani

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Praise the Lord!
Amazing testimony!


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