Let It Out - Kamal Imani - Motivation


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642   2 years ago
cipherkam | 1 subscriber
642   2 years ago
I know times have been hard,you been fighting that fight
You been living your best life and now things are tight
Just keep love in your heart and download his light
and hold on to his hand with all your might
Cause I came to tell you
That it's gonna be alright
The enemy comes at us with fear and doubt
but we're gonna praise God
and yo, It's ok, to let it out
So go all out! let's go!


Oh, trust me, I know what you been going through
We all been going through something
it seems like a bad dream or a deja vu
When you find yourself in a bad predicament
a paradigmn, a catch 22
But just hold on
and he'll make all things new
You know how he do!
Keep your head up
and give him praise
Challenge your fears and doubts
and remember
it's ok to vent and let it out

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