Man, It's Gonna Rain


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334   7 months ago
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334   7 months ago
Man, It's Gonna Rain © D.N.W. This is a modern original Christian song.
Hey there Noah build yourself a ship
You make sure that it’s tightly fit
Use Gopher wood & seal it with tar
You better do it right or it won’t go far
Put a roof on it so it will stay dry
Water’s gonna pour from the sky
& Noah

Chorus x2
Man it’s gonna rain
It’s gonna rain

There’s something going down with crazy old Noah
He’s built a big ship out where there’s no water

I’ll send every creature from land & air
They’ll come to your ark & board in pairs
All your neighbors will laugh & shout
‘cause you’re building a ship in an ocean of doubt
Pay no attention to what they say
They know not of their own doomsday
& Noah

You’ll see nothing but water & sky
You’ll be the only ones who survive
When the water finally goes down
the ark will rest up on high ground
Your family will go forward as I’ve planned
Your many descendants will fill the land
& Noah...
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