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An appeal to the rich and powerful of the world

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<p>To you…&#160; the blindest</p>

<p>Powerful of the world,</p>

<p>Trading the destinies of God’s sons and daughters</p>

<p>For your own self destructive pleasures and interests,</p>

<p>Cherishing the things of the world that soon die</p>

<p>Thus loving the death that force its way in your eternal soul…</p>


<p>To you… the blindest</p>

<p>Players in the game of power and fortune,</p>

<p>Incessantly burying the voice of your godly conscience</p>

<p>While spreading the shadows of your suffocating dark will…</p>

<p>Enjoying your superficial humanity in close circles of friends and family</p>

<p>While contributing to the suffering and misery of countless true brothers …</p>


<p>To you… the blindest</p>

<p>Fragile believers in your own deity</p>

<p>Running from the awareness that your superficial game is one of utmost despair</p>

<p>That you’re not masters, but puppets that need to make less than puppets from others</p>

<p>In order to confirm you’re much worthy of breathing</p>


<p>To you… lost children of the same Father</p>

<p>A call to wake up and make peace with your conscience</p>

<p>To make peace with your unavoidable dependence</p>

<p>To understand that all that truly belongs to you was not obtained, but given</p>

<p>For you couldn’t make nor stop your body from appearing in the world</p>

<p>Nor build other path for it than the one ending in death…</p>

<p>A call to search in your heart if each of these brothers of yours lying in dust</p>

<p>Is or is not equal to you in the eyes of the creator</p>

<p>And if your heart doesn’t answer, to just force your clever mind to admit infinity</p>

<p>And see He can easily create and manage and love billions of creations</p>

<p>Which look like atoms before His infinity in all possible dimensions</p>

<p>While you cannot even conceive the numbers…</p>


<p>A call to search in your heart if infinite love can have limits in power and wisdom</p>

<p>Or limits in Its compassion for every created being</p>

<p>Or limits in Its capacity to sacrifice</p>

<p>For each one of these, including you</p>

<p>Poor sick soul, more dead than alive,</p>

<p>having no eyes and years and heart for It</p>

<p>because of the cold world of self-centered lies you indulge in…</p>


<p>A call to you, powerful of the world</p>

<p>Who by your own free choice</p>

<p>Made yourselves the poorest ones in His holy sight</p>

<p>But who still</p>

<p>By your own free choice</p>

<p>Can make yourselves good, so you can observe His goodness</p>

<p>Can make yourselves patient, so you can understand His patience</p>

<p>Can make yourselves free of the miserable self-love, so your heart can be embrace by His divine one</p>

<p>And give-up hell, to taste and enjoy His true life - the only eternal …</p>

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833   54 years ago
Why didn't the Pharisees recognize Jesus?

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<p>"[13] What a most humble witness John bears before the priests and Levites, since he quite aware who had come to the Earth in Christ. But what is that to the so worldly wise priesthood. They ignored John’ truest testimony, for they did not care for a humble, poor and unpretentious Messiah, but wanted one to whom everyone would succumb in fear and terror.</p>

<p>[14] At &#160;his &#160;first &#160;appearance &#160;– &#160;naturally nowhere &#160;else &#160;but &#160;in Jerusalem &#160;– &#160;descending &#160;visibly &#160;from &#160;Heaven &#160;shining &#160;more brilliantly than the sun, accompanied by myriads of angels and taking residence only in the temple, the Messiah would have to immediately abolish and destroy all the then existing potentates, also promptly render the Jews completely immortal, provide them with all the money on Earth and fling at least some hundreds of apparently superfluous mountains with thunderous noise into the sea, at the same time also executing the poor, dirty rabble. Then they would have &#160;believed in Him and said: ‘Lord, you are so terribly strong and mighty. All have to bow deeply before you and throw themselves into the dust, and the high priest is not worthy to unloose your shoe’s latchets.’</p>

<p>[15] But Christ came to Earth quite poor, insignificant apparently weak, did not work any sign before the eyes of the prominent for almost 30 years. He worked hard as a carpenter with Joseph and frequented the company of the lower classes. How could, in the eyes of the proud and so very wise Jews, &#160;that be the so long awaited Messiah? Away with such a blasphemer, such a magician who accomplishes his feats with the help of the chief devil. Such an uncouth and vulgar carpenter who somewhere with the help of Satan has learnt to practice magic, who walks about barefoot, is a friend to the lowest rabble and walks around with them, accepts harlots and eats and drinks in the &#160;company of publicly known sinners thereby plainly opposing the law, - how could he possibly be the Christ, the promised Messiah?</p>

<p>[16] This was the opinion of the eminent and wise Jews about Me during My full presence in the flesh on Earth. And exactly the same view is still today held concerning Me by millions, who will on no account even hear of a meek, condescending God who keeps His word.</p>

<p>[17] Firstly, their God has to dwell high above the firmament and because of His infinite sublimity hardly exists. He is not expected to create lesser things than suns if He wants to be a worthy God. Secondly, He may not dare to &#160;assume any form, least of all a human form, but has to be some incomprehensible absurdity.</p>

<p>[18] Thirdly, if Christ could possibly be God, He may make Himself known through the inner, living word only to members of the profession, to certain societies, councils, extraordinary pietists, zealots surrounded by a &#160;so-called halo and models of virtue, promptly endowing such a blessed one with the power to move mountains. Otherwise there cannot exist any divine messages or revelations by Christ.</p>

<p>[19] The Lord Jesus may never make Himself known to a layman or even a sinner, for in such a case the revelation is already under suspicion and is not accepted, just as I Myself was not accepted by the eminent Jews, because in their proud and ambitious eyes My appearing was by far not sufficiently divine and noble. However, that does not matter. What matters is only John’s testimony.</p>

<p>[20] The world does not change and continues to be the desert of Bethabara where John bore witness. -But I, too, do not change and keep coming to men &#160;to &#160;suppress their pride and enliven true humility and love in the same way as when I came to the Jews. Blessed are those who recognize and accept &#160;Me as did John according to his testimony about Me before the eyes and ears of the proud priests and Levites greatly annoying them." (The Great Gospel&#160; of John - through Jakob Lorber, Book 1, chap 5)</p>

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1473   54 years ago
The great value of a PROMISE

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<p>"[1] DO not ever promise a person something you then cannot or – even worse – do not wish to keep for whatever reasons, if you truly want to become children of God. In truth, I tell you, the worst thing is a promise that is not kept.</p>

<p>[2] For the one who is angry sins within himself and harms first himself. Who practices lewdness buries his soul in the judgment of the flesh and again harms himself, but the evil of evils is the lie.</p>

<p>[3] If you have promised to do something for a person and circumstances arise that make it impossible for you to keep your promise, do go to him without delay and tell him honestly what has happened to you, so that he can help himself at the proper time in some other way to overcome some difficulty.</p>

<p>[4] But woe betide everyone who makes promises and does not keep them, even if he could do so, for thereby he causes far-reaching trouble. The one who expected his help cannot fulfill his duty, and the hands of those who relied on him are tied, and thus such a broken promise can cause greatest embarrassment and distress to thousands. Therefore, a promise that is not kept is the thing most opposed to the love of one’s neighbor and, therefore, the greatest of evils.</p>

<p>[5] It is better to have a hard heart because that will not raise any deceptive hopes with anyone. One knows that nothing can be expected of a hard-hearted person and, therefore, other means are sought for the preservation of the necessary order. But if someone expects something that was promised to him, he abstains from seeking other ways and means, and when the time comes that the business of the one expecting help has to be attended to and the one who promised him lets him down and does not tell him in advance that for some reason, which must of course be absolutely true, he will not be able to keep his promise, such promiser is like Satan who from the very beginning made mankind brilliant promises through his prophets none of which he has ever kept, thereby plunging numerous people into misery.</p>

<p>[6] Therefore, beware above all of such promises which you cannot keep and, even worse, for whatever reasons do not want to keep, for that is the attitude of the chief of devils.</p>

<p>[7] Be loving and righteous in all things, for in the Father’s Kingdom the righteous once shall shine as the sun at noon."</p>

<p>(The Great Gospel of John through Jakob Lorber, Book 2, chap. 98)</p>

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1280   54 years ago
The Second Coming of the Lord

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<p>Excerpt of The revealed work "The Great Gospel of John", vol. 9 chapter 23.</p>

<p>"[3] If men go too much astray and become entangled in the enticements of the world and think that they only exist to provide themselves, as sensible and thinking human beings, of all imaginable pleasures from the world that is richly equipped with all kinds of things, and if they do not discover the real purpose why they have been put into the world and who put them into the world, then there can be no question of a real, higher revelation of God and His will of love. That can only take place when men begin to think due to all kinds of need and misery, at least up to the point that they will ask: `Why actually did we have to come into this miserable world, and why must we actually let ourselves be tormented and tortured unto our certain death, which is the miserable ending of our despair?&#39;</p>

<p>[4] Then the moment has come on which God will again reveal Himself to men, first by the mouth of awakened men, and by other signs, but also by all sorts of judgment over those people who became rich and mighty, proud and loveless and very arrogant through all kinds of lies and deceptions and the suppression of the poor and the weak - people who do not think anymore about any God themselves and still less have any faith in their heart, but who only throw themselves into all the pleasures of the world, run over the poor and who do not even consider them anymore to have the value of a human being but only of a simple animal.</p>

<p>[5] Once the measure among men on the world will be full, a great judgment will come, and together with that, also a great, direct revelation from God to men who in their heart will still believe in God and who have thus also kept the love for Him and their fellowman.</p>

<p>[6] Then those who deny God and the proud deceivers and suppressors will be wiped off the surface of the Earth, and those who believe and the poor will be raised up and be enlightened from the Heavens, as this is the case now, and as it will be the case again later in almost 2000 years."</p>

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1328   54 years ago

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<p>"[4] It is easy to love good and honest people and to get on with them; but to go to the sinners and bring them to the correct path; that is a task which demands much self-denial.</p>

<p>[5] For if you walk in the street with a whore and an adulteress, people will point their fingers at you and do things to you which will not honor you before the world; but if you bring the whore and the adulteress back to the correct path, you will be given a great reward from God, and the smallest part of this is of more value than a whole world full of the most shining honor.</p>

<p>[6] Whoever brings a lost person back to Me will receive more reward than one who has guarded well a hundred lambs on a safe pasture. For it is a very easy task to keep an honest person honorable and virtuous; but to lift someone who is despised by everyone up to honor again and to make a virtuous hero out of an arch-sinner says significantly more! And only that is seen favorably to Me – but the former is only work of a lazy fellow!</p>

<p>[7] I am the all-highest, if you will accept that, and I seek and take only the despised and lost in the eyes of the world. For the healthy certainly do not need a doctor!</p>

<p>[8] If you accordingly want to completely be My true disciples and servants, you must also be what I am in all things.</p>

<p>[9] If you see a blind man strolling on the street and also see that the path he is treading is a highly dangerous one particularly for a blind person, will you not immediately take the blind walker by the arm and say to him: Listen, friend, the path that you are now walking is very dangerous; let me lead you so that you do not fall off a precipice! And if he then trusts your word, will you be ashamed to lead a blind man? Certainly none of you all!</p>

<p>[10] But a sinner is often much blinder spiritually than the physically blind; therefore who can be ashamed to take a blind man by the arm?!</p>

<p>[11] Therefore in the future let no sinner be too great for you so that you are ashamed to be a leader for him!" (The Great Gospel of John, chap. 49)</p>

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