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Christian Song “Marriage Song!” - A song with a biblical message on reconciliation!

Most marriage songs emphasize the wedding aspect and the excitement of getting married but neglect the maintenance or the loving nurture needed to keep a marriage flourishing and glorifying the Lord. Did I say glorify the Lord? Yes, but this part is left out of most marriages today!

This song was designed to encourage reconciliation when a relationship gets wounded. It’s not a cure for all but only a beginning to get one on the right track.

The good news is that when both follow God’s design for marriage, the majority of your time will be experiences of blessings by each other.

While following God’s plan for marriage, perhaps in a blue moon there may be a moment of misunderstanding but they need to be corrected immediacy or at least before the sun sets or hardness sets in.

Most of its because of pride and wanting to get your own way instead of considering the other person’s viewpoint.

Who can say that marriage doesn’t bring disappointments? And who would think that maybe the problem is with you?

When one is hurting or can’t communicate their needs to each other because of sin and a bad habit controlling you, try following the guidelines in this song. It’s written just for You and it works!

Again, here’s my attempt to show from God’s perspective in a song video what His design and thoughts are for a Godly marriage. Of course, it’s not perfect but it’s at least a start.

All my songs have a biblical message and have a variety of beats and rhythms so that each song is different and one cannot easy match my style to another artist! Again, no two songs are alike!

If you like this video then pass it around to those who are needing help in their marriages and get them on the right track.
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