A Godly Man

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841   1 year ago
A Godly Man © 2019 Dwight Winnett is a new original Christian Country song. LYRICS > V1: when I bow my head and I close my eyes, and lift up in prayer what’s been on my mind, to forgive and forget not feel tempted again, to deliver us from evil on the paths that we tread, still there’s something more that I’m asking for, and believing that it will begin. Chorus: Lord I want to be a godly man faithful and, the kind that Jesus Christ was and is, let all others see some part of you living on, in the man that you’ve wanted me to be, Interlude/End: Lord make me that godly man.
V2: follow me he said, do as I have done, pick up your cross and then press on, down that path he walked to reclaim the lost, by his stripes we’re healed but we remember the cost, he came to pay a debt that he didn’t owe, ‘cause we owed a debt we could not pay.
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