Wide Is The Gate

901   2 years ago
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901   2 years ago
Wide Is The Gate © is a new original Christian music song.
Verse 1 - Like a thief in the night, in the twinkle of an eye, when men have forgotten about Jesus Christ is when He’ll come. Then the dead in Christ, will rise up in the sky, to live again and forever this time, with their Lord Jesus Christ.

Bridge - And then those who live, who are in Jesus Christ, will be raptured alive, and caught up in the air. He will take them with Him, up and through Heaven’s gates. But for those left behind, their lives will be hell, as the wrath of God comes.
Verse 2 - Wide Is The Gate, and broad is the road, that leads to destruction where many will enter, but not return. Small is the gate, and narrow the road, that leads into life, where the faithful will find;
End - The truth and the way in heaven above… (x3)
© D.N.W.
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