Six Foot Under

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514   1 year ago
Six Foot Under © is an original Christian Country Song.
V1: When the dirt flies off the shovel crashing down on the box it makes an unforgiving sound as it amplifies the loss. It shakes the unbelievers. It bereaves the faithful too.
A lost soul resurrected must be judged by The Truth.
V2: Well The Truth can be a refuge or a mighty raging fire. Who did they choose to believe? Was it God or The Liar? Was The Word of God within them, and did Jesus know their name? If they refused salvation then who else is to blame?
Chorus: They’ll lay you six foot under but that won’t keep you in the ground.
Bridge: Salvation is easy and free and available today. Why embrace darkness when there will be hellfire to pay?
V4: The Truth is in the words He spoke so many years ago. They’re all written in the color red and what you need to know. No one enters heaven except through Jesus Christ. Accept Him while you’re breathing air. Don’t buy the devil’s lies.
Repeat Chorus x2.
© D.N.W.
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