It's Sure A Beautiful Night

462   1 year ago
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462   1 year ago
It's Sure A Beautiful Night © is a new original Christian music song.
V1: I was star gazing wondering how far back they go. Each one a burning sun but we only see them glow. Chorus: Who put all those stars in the sky? It’s sure a beautiful night. He made it all for us to behold. Eternity’s threshold. I’ll take it all in by sight, then thank my Lord above, for His beautiful bright and starry nights.
V2: So much that we can’t see from this world that we live on. We dream of heaven’s gates then we feel so strongly drawn.
Repeat Chorus.
Bridge: Heaven and earth seem so far, far away. But not to Jesus whenever we pray. Oh yeah, it sure is a beautiful night.
Repeat Chorus.
Ending: Bright and starry nights.
© D.N.W.
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