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1297   3 years ago
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1297   3 years ago
She Wonders, © is a new Christian Country song that examines the controversy of abortion and the right to life from the Christian perspective.
V1: She wonders just what might have been today, If she’d said yes I want my child, back many years that day, She was young and still uncertain, It left her sad and filled with hurting, What might have been if she’d said yes that day?
V2: She has a family and tries to not look back, But there’s still a void deep in her heart that nudges her off track, She’s successful most would say, But forgiveness doesn’t come with what she’s paid, There’s something deep inside she knows she lacks,
Chorus: Love can’t be hurried or held back to suit your needs, Love can’t be bought but only given freely, Return it and it’ll lift you up just like a long lost friend, Deny it and you’ll wonder if you’ll ever love again,
V3: There was a child she never got to see, A son or daughter never born or else she’d now have three, Many years have passed since then
But the memory keeps coming back again, She can’t forget her first little baby,
(Repeat Chorus),
V4: Jesus knows what she’s going through today, He can heal the guilt she feels if she’d bow her head and pray, And tell him what she did was wrong, Ask for forgiveness though it’s been long, And He will cast her burdens far away, (Repeat Chorus), Ending: She’ll find the answer humbly on her knees, Jesus Christ is waiting for her, Waiting to set her free.
© D.N.W.
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