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691   1 year ago
cipherkam | 1 subscriber
691   1 year ago
Hey yo, there aint no shame in my game
If he gave you life and eases your pain
It’s alright to praise his name

So if you love the Most High and Your walking in the light of the sun
Through your hands up, praise him and let’s have some fun
He gave us life so we’re having a celebration

Psalm 68:4

4 Sing to God, sing praises to His name;
Extol[a] Him who rides on the [b]clouds,
By His name [c]YAH,
And rejoice before Him.

Rap- Yeah, sometimes life be hard
But never take your eye off God
Keep him in your heart, keep him in your prayer
And trust that, he’ll always be there
Now through your hands in the air c’mon!

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